A moment alone to think

At the next private opportunity, Taryn had reported what happened with the mission to Connery, leaving out the weird dream she had while she was unconscious. She wasn’t entirely sure what was happening there. She had requested additional government and/or military support be provided for the next encounter or at least a few more UK practitioners but she would hopefully have more information after Earthguard’s next meeting. She asked Connery if she should speak with her husband as he might be worried about her with these worldwide threats.

She wanted to try to contact that dream man again but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. Remembering the maps of ley lines, she wondered if she should try at the areas where magic was strongest, or maybe a certain location or situation would need to be present? She would try again, but she didn’t want to be knocked unconscious again to be able to do it.

She needed to try to contact the other Taryn. Was her consciousness still there somewhere or did it go to her old body, or something else entirely? There must be remnants of that consciousness there; things kept coming back to her regarding magic and spy craft. Maybe when she went to sleep, she could try to contact the other Taryn psychically? If she had time she would try while awake as well. She really wanted to get in the locked box. And why was she here in this body? There must be some purpose to it. Was there someone, something who had done this? Was it magic? Tobias Black had radiated such powerful magic, had he done it? She didn’t know if there was magic that was powerful enough to do such a thing. If so why would they all be transferred to this world? What was so special about them?

After making copies of the cell phone video to provide to Mi-6, she uploaded the cell phone video to Caprica Island computer. Maybe they would find out any additional useful information about this threat. She wondered if these alien creatures had been to Earth before. Was there a record of them visiting in the past. Maybe there would be a record of them somewhere. There was something really strange about that sand; she would ask Lauren/Sparrow about it. There must be machines or something else to test the sand. Was the sand even of Earth origin? Was it alien? Or from somewhere else?

They had copies of the crystal as well. Kiki had brought back 1, Bart had 2, Castellan had 3 and she had 6. They should test the crystals. Maybe it could be used for weaponry or something.

She was glad that Tom Tom was alright. She was glad that ley lines were strong at Caprica Island and that there was more magic available to help heal him. She wondered if there was a better way to communicate with him. Was there a way for him to communicate? She would ask Sparrow if she could communicate with him, maybe through magic or psychic communication. She would ask Sparrow what happened when she was on the alien ship. She worried about the psychic powers of these creatures; they needed to work on some kind of protection.

She would try to get some sleep and get to the kitchen for something to eat before the next Earth Guard meeting. She was glad that her friends had all survived the last encounter, she was worried about whether they were prepared enough for the next one.



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