Misha stepped into the generals office and saluted. Maybe it wasn’t needed since he wasn’t technically military, but hey, it never hurts right?
“Legion is as prepared for the next mission as we can make him. I will be rejoining the EarthGuard, and we will seek out the next event location. Attempts will be on destruction of the craft or the capture of the pilot for interrogation.”
The general just nodded.
“Considering the defensive capabilities of the alien craft, I would request usage of some military equipment to accelerate access into the interior.”
“What sort of equipment?” General Jelinek inquired, typing something on his computer.
“Due to weight restrictions, I believe most equipment would be out of my teleportation carrying capacity. I believe 50 pounds of thermite are nothing to scoff at though, and should be of at least some significant use, unless there’s something more efficient that I am unaware of.”
“Hmm. I’ll see what we can do. Good luck out there.”
“Yes sir!”
Misha turned and practically ran to the launch bay where LEGION was undergoing final inspection.



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