Beads and Beads

Lauren and Taryn looked on the bed as Tom Tom made his first noise. They had made it back to Caprica, and only with Taryn’s magic had they managed to awaken the poor little guy. It seemed that the small Fae, Gnome, Whatever he was actually fed off of magic, Taryn had been very careful to feed him just enough to heal him without weakening herself too much, but still she needed to eat and sleep before the next mission.

Lauren looked on wondering what was happening; a month ago she was sitting in her office working on a new colour scheme for a client, now she had wings, sitting in a hospital on a top secret super hero island with a boy friend that literally had a superman complex. It was a lot to take it, she leaned against the wall hands in her pockets staring out the window at red ocean water; the sunsets were beautiful here. Could she get home? Did she want to? It was hard to say, and depending on what minute of each day you asked her the answer would radically change.

Her hand felt an odd shape in her pocket, she scooped them out, maybe twenty or twenty five little crystal beads, each no bigger than a grain or two of sand… THE SAND! She looked carefully, the weight of these crystals was unbelievable, these little grains weighed almost ten or twelve pounds, how was that possible? There was something here, did the island have a lab or something, who studied this kind of stuff? She needed to talk to the others. She checked on Tom Tom once more to assure he was comfortable, then hurried to the command centre.



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