Broken but not Beaten

Misha took a deep breath as he engaged the last teleport, the internal giroscopes were off line, the sea water that had leaked into the pilot pod and circuitry was causing havoc on his systems, and now his radiation gel wouldn’t stop spraying into the cockpit, he was near drowning in the stuff. Siri had led him through 16 jumps, this was the last one to enter the base.


“EJECT” he gurgled through the thick gel

I do not understand the word “Glarjeceb” Sir, please repeat your command, Siri said

“Frack it” he gargled as he reached through the thick near opac jelly and fumbled for the eject, his hand reached around it, and he tugged with all his might, his lungs were burning… the back opened and he spilled out. Quickly the hands of scientists and military personal were digging him out, he got a breath

“thank god,” he sputtered as he looked back into LEGION, jelly was still pouring out… for a moment he wondered how much of that stuff he kept in there, and made a mental note to look into it before the next mission. He took a deep breath and jumped back into Legion fumbling around until he found SIRI and pulled her out. That done he turned to the scientists
“Mark 115, needs a little work” his team didn’t seem happy, he turned and looked, and could see why.

LEGION was missing an arm and sparking violently from several locations, it appeared stress fissures had opened in multiple locations from his teleports and apparently it was still leaking sea water on top of the radiation gel. He knew that all communications were down with the router being destroyed, and was also pretty sure that the internal controls would have major issues after being soaked in the gel, and that wasn’t even getting into the fact that his new anti teleport program had caused major targeting errors once he reversed it, there had to be a bug or two in the code that was causing safety issues, twice on the way back he had nearly teleported into an object, someone would have to scan all three million lines of code to try and find that bug. He shook his head looking at the Mech, it had served him well, and had saved his, and likely his teams life, it was a good Mech.

“Scrap it” he said, it will be quicker and more efficient to start from new, “don’t use any of the parts or programs from this model, I’m gonna want to study those before we implement them. Sergie… what’s the status of our other models?”

The scientist perked up when his name got called “well sir… Mark 116 is still in design phase, three months at the earliest to have it operational. Mark 114 had some minor issues from Cosmo mission, but can be made field ready within 48 hours if you are so inclined. Mark 113 … well we still can’t figure out what exactly went wrong with the whale operation, so… I suppose it could be made ready…” he trailed off in the end. Misha thought hard about it before giving orders… what a strange concept him ordering scientists around

“Get the 114 ready to go, I need it operational in 12 hours, so prioritize from there, after that put every effort into getting 113 field ready… also design phase for 116 is over, get it under construction now… now if you will excuse me… I have to see the General”



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