CHUD Arise

Annie walked her shopping cart down the alley, this was a popular spot, the folks in this area were good and looked out for one another; she would have a safe spot to sleep tonight. At the end of the ally there was a make shift gate, here she knocked and waited patiently.


She knocked again

Still nothing

Getting impatient she reached up over the gate and fiddled with the latch, she was short and it was hard to reach, but after a few moments she got it and pushed the gate open, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

Eighteen dead, all were her friends, all of them had been living on the streets for years, blood was splattered everywhere , and it appeared they had been hacked to pieces… who could of done this, why?

It was then that she felt the pressure from behind her, pressure from a massive body pressed against her back, something warm wrapped around her neck and she found it hard breathe. Whatever it was exhaled loudly in her ear causing bits of spittle to land on the back of her neck

“Lissssten…” it hissed, it sounded like it was behind her and a thousand miles away at the same time, “… Tell Bobo… the CHUD can sssssee through his tricksssssss. Tell Bobo we are coming for him”

The hold on her neck grew tighter, Annie flailed about until finally the lack of air took its toll and the world became dark. When she woke up it was near morning, the ally was empty and clean, there was no sign of any creature or her friends… she didn’t know who this Bobo was…. But she needed to find him, and warn him.


Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers? Ok…

CHUD Arise

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