A late night lab worker sits, tired but determined at his work station; several ancient artefacts sit about the young man on his large white desk.

“I know there is a link here! These markings are too similar to not be connected!”

Undetectable to the young man at the table, there is an energy field that connects three of the many artefacts on the desk. A horned human skull, a weathered stone tablet, and a long ago tarnished sword, ancient but still sharp. The young man carefully and reverently picks up the large stone tablet and places it before him on the desk. Pulling out a notebook the man begins to make a note.

9:17 PM – March 6th, 2006: … This morning I finished cross examining our runescript database with item #D04YY214 and although I found a connection between the rune database and the tablet markings, there was a discrepancy that suggested this is either a more archaic set of runescript or this piece is a forgery. I originally believed that this piece was likely a forgery, but I received the lab results of the date analysis, and according to the data this is likely the oldest set of runescript ever found.

Needless to say, this is a career making discovery and the implications might just change what we know of human history in Europe. Although I’ve been here for about thirteen hours already, I am going to input the translation data and see what this new software can do.



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