Discovery! pt 2

1:26 AM – March 7th, 2006: … The collected data is amazing! I can’t even begin to imagine the significance behind what I’m seeing. My last entry I speculated that this artefact would change what we know of human history in Europe, not even close. This data ranks up with the neandertal, the homo erectus, the homo habilis… it’s a major part of the understanding our own race.

At the mention of the names of the ancient human ancestors an energy field ignites surrounding the man and the items and burns to an almost palpable level. The young man stops reading the screen of his lap top for a moment and looks about the room, feeling something, but not able to see the mounting energy.

In the corner of the room, light seems to dim as a presence begins to fill the office. Now the light around the artefacts begins to show more brightly. The young man finally takes notice and his new knowledge draws…




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