Look Up in the Sky?

Bart sat in his room, over the month he had tried several times to “commune with Bobo” it had little affect and was unnerving. The chimp didn’t speak to him directly, but often sent waves of sadness of giddiness for nor foreseeable reason. Sometimes Bart would find himself wandering the island or scratching at a tree with no memory of why he was doing it or for how long. His instincts or Bobos instincts seemed to have a great deal of sway with his actions.

The month had revealed a lot about himself and these powers he had… he had spent a good deal of time testing his powers and learning how to control them. He had even spent time trying to reach Taryn in whatever sickness that had touched her… the doctor had informed him that she was on the mend now, but the ordeal made him nervous… there had been no root cause to her sudden illness, could they all be exposed to whatever it was?

He wandered the cliffs along the northern edge of the island; the sea crashed against the rocks a hundred feet below, it soothed him. Slowly he allowed his mind to drift out into the sea and take him to another place and time; it was then that he began to hear the hum


over and over the sound came to him, it seemed to start in the sky but quickly began to bounce off the water. He raced back to the Command Centre and quickly found Mendez

“the sound… what is that sound!” he thought at the man… Mendez gave him a curious look

“What sound Mr. Bobo?”

“The Humming, the groan… what is making that… it’s almost deafening!” he was agitated, his instincts caused him to smack the ground and jump as he psychically yelled at the man. Mendez stopped and listened hard as another groan happened

“I hear nothing sir” he shrugged sympathetically.

Bart hurried out again to the cliffs to watch and listen as the humming occurred he cast him mind out trying to determine what was going on… what was happening. The sky continued to hum as the jeep pulled up behind him. Ms. Swanson got out and approached him

“Mr. Bobo?” he turned and looked at her

“LEGION has contacted the Command Centre, he says there is a global emergency… he needs the Earth Guard to Assemble” Bart nodded at this and joined her in the jeep. The entire group should hear about this.



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