More Info

Torricelli’s Trumpet and Legion have managed to pool their resources, here is what they have come up with so far.

14 private jets have departed over the last 16 days to Antarctica, all jets have at least one person of wealth and / or influence on board, there is no one corporation or country that is more or less represented, the Catholic Church is not represented.

The Next targets should be Oslo Norway and the Oil Sands of Alberta

Canada has sent Department H and Alpha Flight to Alberta, having all been in St Johns it is questionable how much time they will have in the target area before humming begins, and if evacuation can be undertaken.

Vatican has dispatched Stigmata , Templar, Joan of Arcadia and Torricelli’s Trumpet to Norway. Torricelli fears a major fissure in a tectonic plate if the hole appears and is consistently deeper with the previous ones.

Humming commenced in Japan in the exact same location three hours after last time, humming lasted 3.2 minutes and then stopped killing 12 rescue workers and three boats… it is unknown why the change in pattern

Earth Guard meeting on Caprica with 3 hours before next humming is due to begin.



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