News 009

In the news

The Nation of Japan sends it personal gratitude to the Earth Guard, Thanking them for their incredible response time and heroics in rescuing over 12,000 people from a Tsunami on Oksana Island.

The United States of America has moved its fleet in the pacific, saying that a Nuclear Missile was launched by China targeting its fleet in the Indian Ocean. China has stated that they had a scheduled test Missile that was not carrying nuclear ordinance and was in no way leaving the Boarder of China. UN officials are trying to intervene between these two nations.

An Earth quake in Sicily has killed thousands with thousands still missing; the Vatican has dispatched its super hero team to aid with the rescue missions.

Travel has become near impossible with a FAA EFA flight ban in numerous countries, apparently a test scenario has failed and locked computers not allowing clearances, many global flights have been canceled



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