Questions, Answers and More Questions

Woman in hospital bed

Taryn couldn’t believe that she had been stuck recovering in her room for the past three weeks. Well that was how long she was told she had been there. She had only been awake for the last little while. It really sucked balls. But at least it gave her time to do a lot of reading and research. She at least had had some time to go over the flight manual for the jet, although there was a lot more to learn about flying. She couldn’t believe that she could fly. That was so cool. But she needed to log some more hours. Maybe there was a flight simulator on Caprica Island?

And while she was stuck in bed she could do some much needed research on the “Taryn” from whatever alternate timeline/universe they were in. If there was one thing she could do well, it was research, especially researching on the internet. She spent a lot of time researching her life, trying to figure out if there were any part of this Taryn’s history that was the same as hers. Same childhood, same school, same friends, it all seemed the same up until after SFU. It looked like she had applied to do Museum Studies in the UK. So that explained how she got to the UK. It made sense to her why she worked for the British Museum and the Smithsonian. But she couldn’t figure out what her connection to Mi-6 was. She looked at the Mi-6 logo on her staff. She wasn’t sure if she should try to research Mi-6 on Caprica Island computers. She must be some kind of agent, that man that had talked to her through her earpiece and who had spoke to her after the tunnel rescue had given her commands like he had done so before. And he told her to continue with her mission to be a part of the superhero organization. She wasn’t sure if she should reveal that information to anyone else. But she was still herself, why shouldn’t she be talking to her friends about this? Her head hurt thinking about it.

She debated whether she should tell the person she assumed to be her handler what had happened. Did she know what had happened? She needed to figure out a few more things before she revealed that information to him.

Researching magic might be a different story. Magic obviously was real in this world. She wondered if magic use was public knowledge and if there was a lot of information online. She had a magic staff with a Mi6 logo. Did that mean that there was a magic organization in Mi6 or in the UK? Was it a secret organization or was there information about them online. She would try to research it online and see if there was any information on Caprica Island. Maybe she could ask Tobias Black. He seemed to radiate magic. She needed to know if there were other magic organizations or if there was a world organization with different chapters. Yet another question to ask her dream man. She sighed.

She spent hours on the internet and in the facility researching. She wondered if she had a diary. She had various diaries herself although she found it hard to keep them going all the time. She assumed that if she did have a diary, that a lot of it was just for her cover identity, but some of it must be true. She must have a work phone or laptop somewhere in her belongings. She began to look for it in her room. It might be there or it might be in a Mi6 headquarters somewhere, ensuring her cover identity wasn’t blown. She assumed that she had submitted mission reports of her time as a spy; she would have to try to get access to those somehow.

She reasoned that even in her “cover” life, there must be useful information online. She was married. She knew that. She had found her wedding ring in the belongings that had been sent to her. She figured that a major life event such as that would yield at least some clues. She scoured over pictures on Facebook of the wedding. She assumed that colleagues and friends from her spy life would have attended. She hoped to at least find out what they looked like and what their names were. She didn’t recognize many of the people tagged in the photos. But finally she found the man who must be her handler. Sean Connery. At least she had something to go on. She looked at pictures of her husband Lord William Pemberly online. He really was quite hot. She got the sense that she didn’t see him that often, but her handler had said they would cover for her absence. There were several videos posted on Facebook of the wedding including the speeches at the reception. She found out that she had met him while doing archaeological work at one of his family castles. Did they have a good marriage? They seemed happy in the wedding videos. Did he know about her other identities? Maybe he would have some more information. It would be nice to see him, she thought. It really sucked that due to her recovery, she had been stuck on Caprica Island for the last 3 weeks and hadn’t been able to go see him. They must have been intimate previously right? She looked forward to doing that. She felt a twinge of guilt at that thought. Her mind was drawn to the mysterious man of her dreams. She had no idea who he was, yet she felt a closeness to him. Did she have feelings for him? Why did she trust him so much? Why was he being tortured? It seemed like an episode of Supernatural or something. He had provided a few clues but she was so out of it, she hadn’t been able to respond to him or ask questions. She needed to try to contact him again, either while awake or asleep. He must have the answers she was looking for. Okay she had read some books on lucid dreaming, she could do this.

She needed training in magic and figure out what that man in her dreams had meant when he said all magic has a cost. She didn’t want the same thing to happen to her that had made her stuck in bed for three weeks. Maybe she could draw energy for her magic from other sources? Maybe she could research magic here at the island? She had to make contact with her dream man again. Maybe there was information about magic here on the island? Tobias Black had a magic aura. She would have to ask him about magic or if he wasn’t there, she could see if he had any information on magic on the island.

She wanted to tell him what had happened to her. She also had a lot of questions to ask him.



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