Rebuilding the Giant

Misha soldered the wires into place, and carefully slid the panel into position. A few seconds and the electric screwdriver and it fit in perfectly, the crevices between the plates barely noticeable. “Siri, please check network connectivity.”
“Network connectivity check… complete. Connection at 100%. Data upload rate 100Mb/s.” Siri responded promptly.
“Excellent. You know, I’m so glad you are here. I’d have a hell of a hard time getting a handle on this whole thing… Engineering, physics beyond what even most professionals understand…”
“Of course, that’s one of the reasons you created me.”
“Mmm… Sigh, makes me wish I had been better at keeping notes. I’d love to talk to my… prior self, whoever or wherever he may be.” Misha flipped open the security cover on the newly installed plate cover and pushed on the switch inside. It offered a moment of resistance and then clicked inward. “Hows our connectivity now?”
“Checking…. no network connection found. Do you believe as the others claim, that you come from a different world? Additional research may allow communication or travel to other points on the R axis of spacetime.”
“Good. This should let us keep them out of the system without permanently damaging internal components.” He said, pulling the switch back into its original position. “Maybe… Occam’s razor though. Memory rewriting is a lot simpler and hence likelier to be the case then spontaneous inter-dimensional reality hopping. Though… if it really is the world thing… No, I don’t think I’d want to go back. Assuming that the world theory is true… this world is better. More exciting, more fun. Harder too, but worth it. Though my… previous self, may disagree with the change in location.”
“You knew what you were doing. If the previous version of you is stuck in your old world, it should not be that difficult for you to replicate some of your success there. You may not have the resources you had here, but you already have the skills rather then requiring to retrain in everything again.”
“True I suppose. Regardless of what actually happened, how am I doing on catching up?”
“You are doing well in most subjects of importance, are you certain there’s no memory of this past?”
“No… I don’t think so. I think its mostly muscle memory… neural pathways…”
“Neural pathways are in the end result what gives humans their personality. If they are still intact, then…”
“Whatever happened must have rewritten the part of the brain responsible for memories and personality. I don’t remember anythings, there’s no weird voices in my head… just my own memories, and skills I never remember learning. Its kind of distorting to KNOW how to do something but not remember HOW I know it, or where I learned it.” He picked Siri up and slid out of the cramped cockpit. “Why did I never make Legion bigger? Some elbow room would have been nice.”
“Structural integrity of a larger biped would have been an issue when moving at his speeds required for combat, as well as balance issues on a biped design.”
“Right… and somehow I knew that the moment I asked, but I had to actually ask. This is annoying. Alright, lets go see about the telportation device modifications. We have a bit of time and a whole team of experts, I’d like to get that teleportation disabling modification worked over so it doesn’t crash most of our systems, and hopefully get it installed before our next engagement.”



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