Legion: The Shining Exemplar of Technology


Legion: The shining exemplar of good and justice, brainchild of man, a masterwork of engineering, the robotic guardian of the Czech Republic. An automaton that exists to protect and watch over the Czech People. Or that’s how the comic books portray him.

In reality, he is but a man, and not even born in the country he now calls home. But a man with the very cutting edge of technology at his fingertips. Originally, he came here to study, university, and a lifetime of drudgery and work to follow. But that fate avoided him when delving into the cellars of his grandfathers estate, he discovered a sealed room, within which lay a portion of the lost treasures of the Czar. With his new found wealth, he was able to dedicate himself to whatever project interested him, and whats more accelerate his education with the best tutors money could by.

One of his first projects, and the one that subsequently allowed further expansion into the realms of super-science, was the iPhone hack. Modified hardware and software, Siri became more then just an input/output program, she gained access to all her sister devices, and augmented to utilize their extensive processing power, she became an invaluable assistant.

With her aid, the height of scientific achievement was his to claim. Furthermore, one of the gems within the treasure was discovered to be an extremely rare and previously unknown element. He gave it the name Aetherium, due to its odd property of generating power from apparently nowhere, and in honour of the ancient physicists of bygone eras. Aetherium is an odd coloured metal, with a slight malleability just a little softer then gold. The thinner and smaller a section is however, they stiffer it becomes, making it impossible to effectively split the sample into multiple pieces. The actual colour of the substance is hard to pin down, as it seems to always be shifting just ahead of any attempt to identify it. Extended visual study causes headaches. The material has an extremely high melting point, experiments and theory foretell it would require temperatures exceeding 5800K to actually melt it. Its periodic number is 136, putting it well beyond anything even dreamed of in laboratory synthesis, and placing it right in the Noble Gases section, even though oddly enough, it is not a gas. When connected to a circuit it provides a consistent level of AC current through the entire system, with a frequency matching the resonance frequencies of superstrings. The current working theory is that the energy is harvested from the very fabric of reality.

The first Legion Prototype was built on little more then a whim as ‘something that would be cool’, and was little more then a glorified suit of power armour. It also failed horribly during testing, when a misalignment caused critical integrity failure of the pilots left elbow. It was subsequently scrapped and dismantled for parts.

After an extended recuperation time, spent doing only theoretical work, Legion Prototype two was constructed as a far larger vehicle. Falling well into the category of Light Battlemech, it avoided problems of pilot integrity by having a (rather cramped) cockpit, with all the limbs being controlled from within.

The issue of long range transportation soon came up, since walking the Mech down the street would cause problems. Transport trucks where rented during testing, but this was slow, and caused issues with streets being blocked while loading was in progress, not to mention the difficulties of keeping the object being loaded hidden from observers.

Flight was conceived as beneficial, but after much time spent in research and consultation, proved unworkable. Chemical powered rockets would require too much fuel, any extended flight would require a gargantuan carrying vehicle, on par with full sized moon orbit spaceships. Additionally, rocket fuel is hard to come by and sale is extremely controlled. Electrical propulsion was more promising, but even with seemingly infinite power, the acceleration proved too slow outmatch the effects of gravity. After much work, a number of prototypes, and a couple of patents (sold anonymously to the highest bidder for additional cash), attempts at flight where abandoned as too impractical. Instead, alternate forms of long distance movement had to be investigated.

He then recalled a story read years ago, in which martians had forbidden humans to develop rocketry at all, in efforts to keep their destructive nature contained, until humans figured out teleportation instead and simply bypassed the planetary blockade, nuking the martian cities and great ships into dust.

This lead into extensive research into teleportation. It soon became obvious that any success at teleportation would have to go down to the smallest base particles of matter. At the level where quantum particles could be forced to exist in two places at once, or to always be in identical states regardless of the distance between them. There where difficulties to be had, quantum particles cannot be fully scanned without in the process altering them beyond their original nature. On the macro scale, that meant a lot of objects that simply ceased to exist. The oddest solution, but one that worked, due to oddities of quantum entanglement, was to re-build the object to be teleported first, and only after have an entangled carrier scan the original source, therefore collecting the necessary data off of it, and subsequently causing it to cease being matter. Quantum physics is weird that way, since causality seems to go right out the window with them. The new teleportation device, named the “Mage Drive” because anything to do with QP is “fucking magic”, was installed into the new Mech MK-3, also the first to actually bear the name Legion, to commemorate the source of its funding in the Czechoslovak Legions almost a century past, and as a nod to the legions of Siri devices that assisted with its technology.

It was soon after the completion of this first complete system that Legion made his first well documented appearance, in the form of testing in a field outside of Brno. Despairing at the injustices of the world, Legion soon began making appearances in high crime neighbourhoods, generally beating police responses to emergency calls by a significant margin, just “appearing out of thin air”.

While a curiosity, he was often covered by news as more of an oddity rather then anything else. This changed on the day that Gitler of the Ukrainian Moravian mafia, operating in Czech Republic with every illegality one could extract a profit from, was released, only a month after he was arrested by an entire division of heavily armed police man. His lawyers however managed to bring enough doubt into every charge that had originally been placed against him. He was released, amid much anger from those who had been observing the proceedings. His freedom was short lived, as he descending the courthouse steps surrounded by his bodyguards and lawyer, there was a loud crack and a flash of light, as Legion appeared directly above Gitler’s waiting car, crushing it flat in an instant. The bodyguards did their jobs well, half of them drawing and firing small arms at the behemoth, the rest covering their boss as he scrambled to get away. Legion raised his arm, and the world was shattered by the unmistakable roar of a mini-gun firing at full rotations. Gitler and his man where ripped to shreds, and left to slowly pool down the steps as Legion flashed out.

It was not long after before Legion re-apeared, bearing the colours of the Czech flag.



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