Mr. Bobo



  • From Eastern Congo “Chimp” tribe living in vicinity of consciousness expanding fungi over millenia developed psychic abilities and telepathy
  • 1987 – Jane Goodall discovered group and tried to keep studies secret. Become very close with group (more later)
  • 1991 – Jane’s research was discovered by MK Ultra division. Operatives attempt to capture chimps – 5 captured, ensuing tribes escape (?). 2 die quickly in captivity. BOBO age 11.
  • 1995 – Mr. Bobo only remaing captive. Mr. Bobo “subject” # 23 transfers to a series of labs, escapes from “military program” using psychic wiles and tweaks researchers to eventually a good scientist.
  • 1999 – MOves to Terence McKenna’s research station in Hawaii. Bobo interacts with many psychedelic Shamans and such develops ILLUSION POWERS. Spends many happy years on the beach, in the jungle and at the station.
  • 2009 – With the passing of Terence – Bobo set up with secret trust fund under Terence’s friend Blainin Dripping Springs Texas. Bobo has his own bank card with account wiht 1000 $US a month plus vet insurance.
  • Last 3 years – Splits time between: Blaine Hurlburt’s ranch – Rancher (organic), peyote grower, reclusive scenester. Neighbour to Willy Nelson whom Bobo visits now and again. Has a hammock in his Grotto.
    Texas Hill Country – Hanging in the Nature, has many favorite springs – Environmental Activist – See contact – ELF
    Austin – Has tree nest along creek by Banton Street. Connects to Roof and Abandoned Store.
  • Austin – 20 minute hike gets 30 minute trainhop to downtown austin. Has become a bit of a hero amongst homeless especially after the Chud battles and his diplomacy amongst the homeless aiding Batboy (of Weekly World News legend).
    He moves at night in disguise using his powers and natural stealth & climbing to be unnoticed. Hunting rapists, thugs, and fratboys up to no good, including the reported Crooked Cocaine Cops story, Ape Napping – Photo of Bobo asleep in Early AM @ Barton Springs with short caption.

Rumours – Amongst homeless of Apeman protector
– Ape on Bank Machine Cameras not yet at cohesive level
– Thwarted crimes in Austin areas has led to urban legends about super chimp crimefighter
via repors by victims, police, and perpetrators alike.

Mr. Bobo

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