Greed, Bloodlust, Manipulation


This is an old soul, but not an immortal per sae, he has long run about the world, a Shape Shifter who can take many forms and an expert at manipulations, he lives and thrives to see the fall of humanity to see them fall to their base instincts of greed and destruction.

Sobek has a nemesis in Castellan, having killed twelve of the hero’s predecessors it is now a point of pride for him to destroy humanity over and over again.

Sobek can be identified in his true form by his crocodile features, or his double bladed pole arm that he refers to as “Grifters Edge”.

Also as Castellan is often seen with the castle of protection as his banner, Sobek is rarely seen without his grey stallion, which he has commented as the first horsemen of the apocalypse.



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