Tobias Jericho Black

A businessman who cares about People, Justice, and Humanity


Standing almost 6’2, Tobias Jericho Black is someone that exudes confidence, proficiency, and intelligence. Quick to smile and help those in need, he does what he can for people.


One of the most reclusive and wealthiest people on the planet, Tobias Jericho Black is a great believer in humanity. A brilliant futurist, a bountiful philanthropist, and outstanding businessman, he places the majority of his work to helping humanity walk forward into an uncertain future. Many of his innovations he provides willingly to those people that need it. These innovations include discoveries in agriculture, fabrication, technology, and more. He also helps not just people but in many cities and locations across the globe, providing funds and facilities to humane societies, animals rescue initiatives, and other such organizations.

Tobias Black is also a great lover of history, sits on many, many museum boards across North America, Europe, and Asia; Most notably the American Smithsonian, British Museum of History, and the Pan-Asian History Initiative. He has provides funds and support to digs in these areas as well as Australia and South America. A few years ago, he started an Initiative which he called True History. It endeavours to find the true history of the world unimpeded by any particular way of thinking, ideology or religion.

Recently he has suffered a setback when the Director of True History, Nicholas Logan, was killed in a car accident.

He is also a large area land developer. He works with natives, first nations and others to make sure that land use is kept in a traditionally acceptable manner.

Though he himself does not directly participate in politics, through various businesses, connections, lobbyists, etc. he wields considerable political power.

Recently he has been thinking of becoming a benefactor to one of the burgeoning teams of super-beings that seems to have recently started to appear.

Tobias Jericho Black

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