Incident Report #001
TOP SECRET; General Jelenak Eyes Only

DATE: OCT 27, 0215.12

Our team arrived at the Japanese target zone 2 hours before the expected event start. On route we made contact with the Vatican Team, working a parallel investigation at their expected target zone in Italy.

As we neared the landing site, or resident psychic detected a number of powerful minds scattered across the globe, one of them at or near the target location. He detected a total of 21 (Siri, please check mission logs for verification and accuracy) minds. He reacted violently to contact with these minds, and had to be restrained for a duration.

Once we had landed, he was however able to point out the source as coming from a nearby fishing village. Investigation of this village revealed:
- A number of human bodies, emanating high levels of radiation.
- An underground tunnel from the building containing the bodies, to a spherical room filled half way with sand.
- Excavation revealed a number of crystals buried within the sand.
- Any attempt to damage the interior shell of the sphere was met with failure. Removing the crystals was not a problem, removing the sand was nearly impossible.

Near the end of our 2 hour grace period before event start, Mr. Bobo attempted contact with the mental entity he detected in the area. He was this time, able to remain mostly in control and found that the minor crystals are a decoy. His testimony may be suspect as it is unknown what effect contact with the entity had on him.

Returning to the surface, we where attacked by a weapon consisting of high energy particles teleported directly to a target area. LEGIONS arm was destroyed in one of the first attacks, and he was forced to temporarily withdraw.

Through the activity of other team members still at the site, a large ship was discovered hiding in the cloud cover over the area. Castilean began a frontal attack on it. While it was revealed and dealing with the other team members, LEGION was able to teleport to the top of its hull, and through an adjustment in the Mage Drive, shut down teleportation anywhere in the vicinity. With their primary weapon disabled, the ship deployed drones to engage the team in combat. Additionally, it attempted to shake LEGION of its hull through inertial force, and though failing to do so, it did essentially remove him from an active roll in combat.

Additionally, a number of hacks into LEGIONS systems was attempted, and the communications hardware had to be destroyed.

Castilean and Mr. Bobo managed to rend a large hole in the ships side, though they where unable to make use of it. Mr. Bobo was required to assist with dispatching the drones, and Castilean was called away to deal with a Nuke launched at the target area by China, in addition to another nuke launched at China by the U.S.A.

Sparrow alone infiltrated the interior of the ship, and made contact with the creature operating it. Details are uncertain, but though some sort of mental power, the creature took control of her and forced her to leave the ship, subsequently attempt to attack other team members.

During combat, the droned emited high energy readings, and the time schedule of the event increased drastically from what had been observed before. Once all the drones where dealt with, the ship halted its spinning, and an escape pod was launched. Interception was impossible at the time.

It quickly became evident the event had NOT been aborted. The ship itself crashed into the target area, and most of its hull disintegrated. The team managed to safely evacuate the area before the final phase of the event occurred.

There were no causalities on the team, and no civilians were killed during the teams presence.

Some equipment was salvaged form the ship after its crash.

The Italian location recorded a matched increase in event timeline equal to the Japan location, and both events finalized at the same time.

Discovering the use of advanced teleportation abilities by the creatures responsible for these events, brings up the possibility that the affected areas and their populations are not destroyed, but merely moved elsewhere.

The use of mind control techniques is worrying, we do not know the full extent, duration, or range.

With the loss of the Japan and Italy locations, we do not know where the next events will occur, meaning we cannot be at the location ahead of time. This relegates our abilities once on site to attempt destruction and/or capture of the vessel and its occupants.

America, England, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Bolivia, Czech, Bangladesh, China, and Japan all closed borders and and restricted airspace at exactly the same time. A number of those countries had not been hit yet at the time, but all are on the list. Someone in our government knows something.


- All military personnel sweeping for activity should be equipped with Geiger counters to detect localized use of the creatures radiation weapon.
- Due to the presence of mind control effects, and the involvement of high level conspiracy theories, it may be beneficial to have important military personnel and field personnel equipped with ‘tinfoil hats’.
- Should an event occur on the ground of the Czech Republic, the military should focus its attempts on taking down the enemy craft, and especially destroying or capturing the escape craft.
- Until we know more about the mind control effects, all military personnel should have orders to kill on sight.
- Due to the hacking ability of the creatures, any computerized equipment should either be isolated from any network interactivity, or its use avoided. Only dumb missiles should be used when engaging.


Midsummer nights research

The letters swam before Misha’s eyes. He shook his head and focused on the screen before him. What was he reading again? Oh yes, names, people who had plans to go to Antarctica post-haste. He reached for a Health Potions™ and found there was none left. Figures. He closed the report he was supposed to be reading and rubbed his temples. The whole scenario barely made sense… no scratch that, it didn’t make sense… The answer HAD to be in the data somewhere. But where? Which little piece of information was being overlooked? Which items where nothing but coincidences that muddied the water? Was Siri sentient? Wait that wasn’t important now… He started awake and checked the clock. It had moved half an hour. “Guh…”
“I didnt quite get that, could you please repeat?” Asked Siri.
He stood and walked around the room. “Nothing… nothing. Please tell me you can give me stimulant injections tomorrow if I need them? Or remind me to check that the bases medical clinic has some and take them with me.”
“I thought you didn’t like injections.”
“I don’t. Has there been any more information?” He sighed. “I don’t suppose there’s been any contact from the Trumpet girl…” It was getting hard to think even when standing up. He sat down and went over all the empty Health Potion™ bottles. A small amount of the red liquid trickled form the drops remaining within. It was 4:22am according to the clock on the computer. “Dammit now I REALLY hope everyone is wrong about the whole ‘world/dimension/reality skipping’ theory, cause why the fuck would I come to this world with this kind of shit happening? Why not the alternate earth where all humans where blue and had tails? Maybe wings? Yeah bat-wings would be nice. A world of cat-girls wouldn’t be bad either… Hell how about a world of shape shifters. Eldritch abominations could be fun too… Wait whats that noise?”
“Misha! Wake up! Its 1330, the briefing starts in half an hour.” Siri (shouted?) as she played another loop of the alarm.

Orders from her Majesty

Taryn sat in her room looking through the items that had been sent to her, a sealed box with a not saying “the usual combination”… none of her regular ones worked, two more super suits, with a few more spy gadgets… a laptop, again password protected, and a new earpiece… not exactly what she’d been hoping for

she sighed and leaned back on her bed when suddenly the TV in her room sparked to life, the older man she had met on the Tarmac appeared… he looked right at her.

“Parker, you’ve recovered? good?”

he nodded to him, as he continued

“I am leaving for England… the Arcane Order is demanding all practitioners return to the 1st Nome in Germany, but her Majesty has need of all loyal agents at home right now, I am taking all three teams with me and departing for England” Taryns mind was reeling with the information overload, she tried to keep her face neutral as the man continued

“You are to stay here, your burn out is a great story as to why you can’t travel, and I think you might have more success with the Earth Guard, then anything we can do in London on our own. find out what is causing these holes and how to stop them… I want progress reports every four hours, and as much notice as possible if I have to evacuate London… you can reach me direct through your new ear piece… the switch board are gonna be overloaded so don’t bother with the regular channels… I will do my best to inform you on any mission critical info you may need as I source it… don’t let me down Parker… this is what I trained you for… Good Luck and God Bless, Connery Out”

the screen went blank, and she was alone again… she should panic, she should freak out, she should… get to work… an amazing calm took over her as she grabbed her MI6 laptop, her fingers deftly typed the thirty eight digit alpha numeric encryption, and amazingly enough she transcribed the entire conversation she’d just had… she was confident that she’d nailed it word for word. she re read the mission orders three times committing it to memory and then deleted it, hoping off her bed. she strode with confidence and plucked up a suit from the trunk on the floor and began to change… it was time to talk to Legion

Here I Come to Save the Day

Castellan nodded to North Star and took a moment before flying to the next fallen building, the iceberg had taken everything he and North Star had to lift it, it was the first time since he’d arrived in this world that he actually felt a little tired, he surveyed the ruins of St Johns looking for where he could be best put to work, he could feel as the seconds ticked by the few minor aches and fatigue he had melting away… it was hard to get used to this sensation. He noted the blue of the Cosmic Dart and moved to intercept her.

“Castellan, I think the Iceberg, may make the difference, at least until the Coast Guard gets here” she said as she gobbled back a bad of mini M&M’s. It took his mind a few moments to process her speed talk, but he was starting to get a hang of it. “The Search and Rescue Folk think there could be air pockets where the waterfront used to be, but it will be hours before they can equip a dive team and longer still to cover the area… i could cover it quick, but I still need air, and I’m not a fan of the cold so…” he nodded already looking to where he would dive

“Say no more, I’ll start in the center and work my way to obvious targets from there, rendezvous here in half an hour?” the Cosmic Dart just nodded and tossed him something, he caught it, and was about to ask but felt the rush of air telling him she was likely miles away already, he looked down and smiled… the waterproof flashlight would be helpful.

For twenty minutes he dove through flooded buildings and capsized ships looking for survivors… it was sad, their were many bodies but decidedly few alive.. so far he’d managed to bring about seven people to the surface, he was cutting across the original expanse heading to the other side when something at the bottom glinted off his light, he turned to examine closer… it was eerie here, the entire bottom was clear, the only things in the water was debris from what had washed in with the flood, slowly he circled down it seemed to be a small diamond about the size of an acorn, he stooped to pick it up, and was shocked when he couldn’t lift it… over the past months he’d worked hard testing himself and found that he was still able to lift 20 to 24 tons without too much effort, quickly he began to dig, it didn’t take him long to unearth it, it was a perfect crystal cone, as he had dug under it it had shifted and almost pinned him, it had taken everything he had to get his hand free again. the cone was about 1.6 meters in tall and maybe a little under five meters in diameter.. it didn’t seemed to reflect light as much as drink it up, not dissimilar to how the Sparrow borrowed light from around her. he spent a few more minutes examining it, trying various theories before giving up. his time was already limited, and if he couldn’t move it he was doubtful others could, he could come back when lives weren’t immediately at risk. Taking one last glance Castellan turned towards the surface to do a final sweep before he and the Cosmic Dart would depart for Caprica

Swift or Sinking

Desiree let herself focus on the slow motion form of the woman in front of her, the horror on her face, as she beheld the ruins of saint john’s.
slight angle adjustment and reach.. she grasped the woman under her arms and swept her into the speed force depositing her with the others 16 kilometers away. she tried not to think of the thousands who had already lost their lives just to focus on those she could save. she wasn’t fast enough there wasn’t enough time. she had to get everyone she could before the meeting on caprica. first she had flat our refused to show when Misha had contacted her, there was no way her and Castlean could have everyone out of harms way before having to depart. But that was the first time she had ever heard Misha sound desperate, and scared. between that and his insistence that it would happen again if they didn’t stop it made her agree. so now it was all about strategy. lucky that was an area she trusted Duncan’s judgment in . They created a plan to maximize their efforts and ensure the coast guard and search and rescue would be in a good position to carry on with out them. and then she was back in the city heading towards the next person on the street she was clearing.

in flight conversations

Lauren sat on the jet, waiting to arrive on Caprica. the last month had not been fruitful, she had learnt more of her powers and seemed to be very familiar with Sydney, but she had not found this group called the Eroa, nor had she found an apartment or lair or anything… where did she normally live? who was she in the world? when if at all would she get home?

Pretty bold to be flyin’ now Sparrow

She turned quickly to see a man with long greying hair and a green feathered cape.. she seemed to know who this was but could not place his name.

why is that? she asked and quickly followed up with and how did you get here?

he smiled at her questions I come and go as I please… and as of this moment, ours are leaving… it’s just not safe right now… I thought I would offer to bring you with, if you are so inclined

She thought hard on this for a moment… can my friends come?

he shook his head… only our where we are going… you in

she cocked her head to the side… ours? what does that mean? I can’t just leave my friends?

he nodded and stood and stretched… that’s a shame… I like ya kid… stay safe… if ya can

Lauren jumped to her feet… wait… I have questions… who am I.. WHO ARE YOU?

he turned as if to walk away, hard on a plane in flight as he turned he said but one word


and with that vanished

Lauren was left alone… unsettled and wondering if she should have taken his offer

Animal Force

Kiki sat chewing her Hubba Bubba, she had seen Legion arrive exhausted and had been notified of the meeting in a few hours… Meetings were boring… she shook her head… it was so easy to loose herself in Kiki, Kate had found herself getting confused over the past month, memories would randomly come to her… she knew Somalia, was confident that she could not only sail a ship, but easily navigate waters she’d never been too. On top of that, she felt a deep driving need to help these people.. and chew gum…. why was it so hard to put her head down to something… it was like having a little kid in her screaming to do whatever they wanted… last night she’d eaten just ice cream for dinner, the day before she spent the morning climbing trees… just for the fun of it… time just melted away and …

she stopped mid thought as a cold panic overcame her, quickly she began to sweat as her eyes ears and sense of smell sharpened… never before had she accessed all of her totems at once but for a brief moment she felt connect to everything. to every creature… and they were telling her to run… run, hide, swim deep, burrow… DANGER DANGER… everyone and everything was in very real Danger and it scared her to death… she took a deep breath and clenched her teeth, another blast of watermelon flavor hit her… it helped, the fear and danger didn’t disappear, but it became manageable… something… was very very wrong… she needed to talk to someone… to everyone… she needed help

unearthed info

… Loading …

Somalian Piracy Under Threat

Ki Ki sits cross legged on the beach of Caprica Island. She has been sitting in this very same spot for days, staring out at the Sea. She longs to be back home in Somalia but knows that her VooDoo Master would only encourage her to move forward with her “gifts” and her commitment to rid the world of all threats to fishing and livelihood off the Coasts of Africa. Besides, she has little left back home. She meditates on this. She was reading the Irish Independent a few weeks back and found out that her pirate amigos are under attack by the EU army. Elite special forces have been deployed, calling themselves, The Ranger Wing. Their mission is to rid the Indian Ocean of all Somalian Pirate presence. She feels conflicted. Stay with Earth Guard? or find a way to infiltrate The Ranger Wing. No more pirate blood needs to be shed over water. Nor does the blood of innocent people trying to cross the Oceans. The inner conflict is almost too much. There’s only one thing that will help her decide – Watermelon flavoured hubba bubba.

Taryn's Magical Inquiries

Things I want to talk to the man in my dreams about. I will try to contact him while I’m awake or in my dreams again.

Who are you?
How do you know me?
I saw images of a man being tortured and calling my name, was that you?
What can you tell me about magic?

Look 3 weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk at work, at the Old Log Church Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon. The next thing I know, I’m sitting around a conference table on an island, wearing some kind of superhero costume. And now I’m a superhero known as Lady Albion. This isn’t my life. I’m Taryn, but I am a different Taryn. My friends are sitting around me, but they are wearing different costumes as well and they seem to have different identities and abilities too. We think we were transported to an alternate reality or something. We don’t know. I think that in this reality, I must have made a different choice and my life changed. So as we find out that we have just been recruited into a superhero organization by Tobias Black, who seems to radiate magic, then we get called to the bridge collapse and all of a sudden I start doing magic without realizing it. I had no idea what I was doing. I just did it. I don’t know the rules. Can you teach me?

Can anyone do magic? Are there magic using organizations? I have a staff with a Mi6 logo. Do I belong to a Mi6 or UK magic organization? What can you tell me?

You said to me “Are you so quick to forget our lessons, all magic has a cost, energy expended must eventually have a source. You may be able to use my powers without consequence, but yours still pay the blood toll, my poor sweet Taryn…you almost killed yourself for those people…had it not been for our link.. Well I am sure you know what would have happened.”

What do you mean when you say that all magic has a cost and that energy expended must eventually have a source? What is the source of magic here? How can I use magic then? Is there another way I can pay the cost? Is there a way to recharge the magic somehow? How do I keep a good balance? You said that you had given me lessons in magic? What did you teach me? Can you do it again? I don’t remember any of it.

I seem to have magic and psychic powers. But some of these powers come from you? Why? How did that come about? What kind of link do we have? And finally I don’t know what would have happened without that link. I have no idea what you are talking about. Help me!

A man with a thick Scottish accent gave me orders earlier. I found out his name is Sean Connery. Do you know who he is? Is he my handler with Mi6? Do you know how I came to be recruited into Mi6? Do you know what protocols I am supposed to follow? Should I tell him what happened to me?
I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this.

Eric tortured


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