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Welcome to the W5, I’m Barbara Walters.

Recently we as Americans or even citizens of earth awakened to a dawning of a new era one that no one was prepared for and that none of us are sure how to greet.

On October 14th 2012 the tunnel was collapsed in an act of terrorism, now I’m not here today to talk about the horrendousness of that act, or on foreign policy in regards to these encounters. Today I would like to explore what has almost literally risen from the ashes of such travesty.

After the tunnel collapsed as many of you remember we were receiving scatter phone signals of civilians begging for help, as well as evidence of more terrorists trapped in the tunnel. With the threat of more violence looming Homeland Security made the call that no one could go in there. That is when an ambitious politician made a decision, one that may very well change the way the entire globe responds to emergencies. Mayor Giuliani put in a call to Tobias Black and his “Super Team” but what’s more interesting is that they responded. Seven individuals with what we can only term as Super Human Abilities dropped everything from around the globe, and entered into an incredibly risky and dangerous environment saving 36 individuals and as well as apprehending to suspects connected with the bombing.

Joining me here tonight my guest is Dianne Swanson, spokes person for the group of hero’s who are now branding themselves as the Earth Guard.

BW: Welcome Dianne

DS: Thank you Barbara I am very pleased to be here tonight

BW: So I guess we will start with the question that is burning everyone, Who are these “Guardians” and why have they formed together under this Banner?

DS: a fabulous place to start; let us begin with the Hero’s everyone knows.

Cosmic Dart, aka Desiree Pinkerton has the abilities of Super Human Speed and Compassion. When the Cosmic Dart heard of this under taking she couldn’t sign on quick enough, pun intended.

As many of your Toronto viewers may of recognized that was indeed Castellan carrying that bus over the Hudson River. Aside from Supreme Strength and Flight Castellan also posses the unbreakable will to do what’s right. And yes, for those ladies dying to know, he is the worlds most eligible Bachelor

I know most Americans were likely cheering as I was when they saw the purple hood of Lady Albion step off that Jet. Lady Albion is capable of calling on ancient powers and combining them with modern science to aid her in bringing justice to enemies of America and the world.

L.E.G.I.O.N. the world’s first fully sentient A.I. a little known fact is that L.E.G.I.O.N. volunteered to sign on with the Earth Guard, and then requested permission from the Czec Republic. For a robot he show remarkable empathy and a machines untiring drive to do what is right.

Sparrow our winged Angel hails from Sydney Australia and is well known there for aiding those in need. The Chief Constable of Sydney has admitted that crime in his city has decreased by almost 13% since Sparrow first appeared two years ago.

Now some of your viewers are probably rubbing their eyes wondering if the footage was real, that a Chimp exited the tunnels, well that is true. BOBO is a Chimp hailing from Africa who has unlocked many Psychic powers, and was integral to the capture of the suspects in the bombing. BOBO is indeed a fully sentient ape, a peer and equal member of the Earth Guard.

And finally if a Chimp wasn’t odd enough for you allow me to introduce Kiki to the world. She may look small but this girl can pack a punch calling on the powers of some of the world’s most dangerous creature in order to do what’s right. Many of you remember the cruise ship incident about three months ago… it was Kiki there who saved that family and apprehended those vile criminals.

BW: Wow; that is quite the team and is certainly a lot to take in. Now how does this Earth Guard work? Is there a leader? Are they under the command of Mr. Black?

DS: I can see why many would think that but no… Mr. Black merely wished to get the ball rolling, he has no control or ownership over this group, nor do any of his companies. As for a leader, the Earth Guard is a council of Peers, there are no ranks, leaders or followers, merely a collective of people who strive to do what’s right.

BW: now that sounds a little communist to me, is that something we should worry about?

DS: (Laughs) no more communist then our great House of Representatives, and like those fine Americans the Earth Guard has agree to come together in the Spirit of Equality and Freedom to conduct is business.

BW: Sounds too good to be true… but what do you say about those who say that this Kiki is only 10 or 11, how can heros bring a child in to danger

DS: (laughs again) a child? Barbara, how many children do you know that can lift pickup truck over their head or out run a sports car? As I said ALL members of the Earth Guard are peers, we would as the public to judge by deeds and actions instead of looks.

BW: well Dianne, Senator Dan Arlo has made public mention on ABC news that this group was not given proper authorization to enter the country and that no passports were checks nor were customs agents on hand when they entered our country. How would you respond?

DS: that may just be the most preposterous thing I have ever heard of, and I would say this… Shame on you Senator, the American people have undergone a horrendous event and here you are attempting to play politics with the one shinning glimmer that came out of an ugly situation… Shame on you!

Just today both President Obama and Governor Romney have sent letters offering their thanks to the quick execution of an otherwise impossible rescue. I think America is done with bureaucracy and would rather welcome its heroes… but I suppose the Senator can take his chances in the next election.

BW: well there you have it folks… the Earth Guard, you met them here first on W5 with CNN and Fox. Thanks Dianne

DS: thank you Barbara and good night.

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Spy vs Superhero

Spy vs. Superhero

I blink my eyes twice, attempting to pay attention to who is speaking to me. I hope I haven’t missed too much of the conservation. The interviewer, that the Washington Post has sent is wearing Billionaire Boyfriend perfume and an exquisitely tailored suit like it was designed by Dimitry from Project Runway.

“My name is Chloe Powers. Thank you again for agreeing to this interview. All of our readers have been dying to know more about Lady Albion.”

“You’re very welcome, Chloe. I am so excited to be here,” I say to her with a smile. Outwardly, I know I give off an interested vibe, of an interviewee prepared to share all with the press. But, thinking to myself, I am a bundle of nerves and annoyance. Ugh, why did I agree to this interview? What is the point of all this. Spies don’t give interviews.

“Okay, we’ll get right to the first set of questions. What did you do before become Lady Albion? What made you decide to be a superhero?

My prepared answer comes out of my mouth easily, “Oh, you know, I just had a really boring government job. It wasn’t too exciting. I just felt I could do so much more to help the people.”

My mind couldn’t help but go back to how this all started.

I’m stationed in one of many Mi-6 briefing rooms in headquarters somewhere underneath the River Thames. It is a windowless room, sterile, ugly florescent lights overhead, high tech computers flashing away along the wall. I listen avidly as my handler, Sean Connery, starts my next mission briefing.

“Your work in DC for Mi-6 has been exemplary, Taryn. Thanks to your husband’s diplomatic connections and your cover working at the Smithsonian, you’ve been able to complete several successful covert operations right here in DC. You’ve helped to uncover, identify and neutralize threats to UK/Commonwealth and her allies.

But we have a new mission for you if you choose to accept it. Billionaire philanthropist Tobias Black is recruiting for a new international superhero group. Its mission is supposedly to keep the world safe from those who would harm it or its citizens. Now, the UK and her majesty do not want a world superhero group operating without UK/Commonwealth involvement. Taryn Parker, you are now assigned to “Project Albion.” You are directed to become the superhero known as “Lady Albion,” an UK superhero whose mission is to help those in need. You are to be based in Washington DC and all of your actions are to be for the sole purpose of being recruited by Tobias Black. We will provide you with all the tools and support necessary for this task. You are also to be supported in this mission by three Mi-6 teams. If your services as a superhero are required, they will be there to support you in a hidden capacity. You are to take full credit for the missions.

If you are successfully recruited by Tobias, you are to join this organization. Join, watch, and gather intelligence on the other members and to report back. We will give you further orders at a future date. Good luck.”

Chloe abruptly sits forward in her chair; seemingly eager about what she is about to say, “Miss Albion, I have to get to the questions that I and many others are just dying to know, what exactly happened in the bank? How did you subdue the robbers, deactivate the bomb, and get the hostages out, with no one getting hurt?”

“I remember it like it was yesterday, Ms. Powers. It all seemed like it was in a movie or something. I fearlessly flew into the bank, the doors slamming open. I immediately hit the robbers with my famous incendio magic blast, knocking them all out at once. It wasn’t over yet though, by a long shot. The robbers had rigged several bombs, set to go off if any of the hostages were freed. I knew I had to act fast but also really smart if I was to get these people out alive. Luckily, Chloe, bomb disposal is Chapter 4 in the superheroes handbook. I was able to deactivate all 6 bombs with seconds to spare and then I flew the hostages to safety and handed the suspects over to the authorities.”

If only it was that simple, I thought, as I embellished my story complete with emphatic gestures and sound effects. What had actually happened? I used my stealth skills, and used invisibility to sneak into the bank unnoticed. I used mind control to get the robbers to fall asleep. A Mi-6 bomb disposal unit swooped in through the back and de-activated the bombs. Technicians erased the security cam footage, while I implanted false memories into everyone as to what happened. Then I released the hostages to safety and handed over the suspects to the authorities. Personally, I think I could have handled it, I mean, that’s what a superhero does right?

“How exciting, Lady Albion, you are an amazing woman,” Chloe gushes to me, “But let’s get to know you more. Tell me more about yourself? What are your powers? Why do you do it?”

“Chloe, I would love to tell you all about everything. But of course a girl like me has to have her secrets. But I will say this, magic is a wondrous thing. And, of you have a goal or dream in life, you have it in you to achieve whatever you set out to do.”

I babble on for a few more minutes, I think I’m saying the appropriate things. Follow your dreams? Be what you can be? Being a superhero is the best job ever? What am I doing, answering a Q & A for Entertainment Weekly here? I’m a psychic Mi-6 covert operative thoroughly trained in the magic arts. I’m not a goddamned superhero. Sometimes I think that James Bond has really ruined it for the rest of us. I am an expert in mind control, mind reading, telepathy, telekinesis, illusions and other psychic powers. I’m also trained in the magic arts, trained by the advanced practitioners in the UK. I’m a master of languages and with my stealth and invisibility can sneak into almost anywhere. Take that, you superhero worshiping sheep. And there is something else that superheroes never admit, these costumes are not comfortable. Mine is scratchy, sure it protects against fire and other elements, but that just makes it heavy, rubs against my skin, gives me rashes, and it is much too tight. You know Voyager’s Seven of Nine in that skintight cat suit? I might as well be wearing a body corset squeezing the life out of me every time I wear it.

“Why do I do it? I do it to save lives, Chloe, pure and simple. I do it for the people, not for any government. Each person’s life is equally important and deserves saving.”

“You are asking me what the best thing about being a superhero? Chloe, it is so cool being a superhero. Way cooler than in the comic books. I really feel like I’m helping people. I get to apprehend criminals. it is subduing a bank robber, saving a school bus full of kids from falling into the river, convincing someone from committing suicide by jumping off a bridge or getting to the bombs in time to prevent a terrorist attack from being successful, I get to be a hero. I get to meet a lot of the people I save. I like the attention and support of the public. They are very vocal about their thanks.”

I get to do what I want, do what I want, no orders or protocols to follow. I just have to get the job done, get the bad guy and get people out of there alive, and hey I just generally save the day. People know who I am, and that is awesome!”

I keep gushing to Chloe but I think to myself, Taryn, lay off the platitudes. You are piling it on a bit thick, there. Keep your eye on the prize.

Think of all that you accomplish as a spy. You get to stay in the shadows, doing a lot of your work behind the scenes. You get to be stealthy and secretive. You are so good with your psychic powers that you can erase your move from everyone. You uncover secrets for the continued prosperity and safety of your country. People don’t even know you were there. You are that good. You are secretive, efficient; you do it for love and loyalty of Queen and Country. You don’t need public accolades or recognition. You operate under clear rules and protocols; they are there for a reason.

Remember, you are a spy. You’re mission is only to be a superhero to get recruited by a superhero organization. You will be spying on that organization and everyone that belongs to it. You will be going back to being a spy when your mission is complete.

“Lady Albion, one last question for you. What’s next for Lady Albion?”
Well, Chloe, I think. I hope I achieve my mission objective. I have no idea what to do if I am actually successful. How will I be a superhero on my own without Mi-6 teams supporting my every move? How long will I have to be this way? What am I going to do when I have to go back to my old life? I want to go back but now I don’t know.

Chloe gets up and shakes my hand saying, “Thanks again, Lady Albion. You are a true hero for the people. Thank you for looking out for us.”

Chloe turns off her microphone and waves her photographer and assistants away. She leans forward and smiles. “Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today, Taryn. Tobias is very interested in you. Your unique skill set and abilities will make a great addition to our team. We will be in touch with further instructions.”

Outbacked (Part 6)

Oberon, Lord of the Hunt, King of the Wild sat back in his chair and lit his pipe as his eyes studied the Sparrow. slowly he puffed on his pipe and began to speak:

A shepherd’s dog had a master who took no care of him, but often let him suffer the greatest hunger. At last he could bear it no longer; so he took to his heels, and off he ran in a very sad and sorrowful mood. On the road he met a sparrow that said to him, ’Why are you so sad, my friend?’ ’Because,’ said the dog, ’I am very very hungry, and have nothing to eat.’ ’If that be all,’ answered the sparrow, ’come with me into the next town, and I will soon find you plenty of food.’ So on they went together into the town: and as they passed by a butcher’s shop, the sparrow said to the dog, ’Stand there a little while till I peck you down a piece of meat.’ So the sparrow perched upon the shelf: and having first looked carefully about her to see if anyone was watching her, she pecked and scratched at a steak that lay upon the edge of the shelf, till at last down it fell. Then the dog snapped it up, and scrambled away with it into a corner, where he soon ate it all up. ’Well,’ said the sparrow, ’you shall have some more if you will; so come with me to the next shop, and I will peck you down another steak.’ When the dog had eaten this too, the sparrow said to him, ’Well, my good friend, have you had enough now?’ ’I have had plenty of meat,’ answered he, ’but I should like to have a piece of bread to eat after it.’ ’Come with me then,’ said the sparrow, ’and you shall soon have that too.’ So she took him to a baker’s shop, and pecked at two rolls that lay in the window, till they fell down: and as the dog still wished for more, she took him to another shop and pecked down some more for him. When that was eaten, the sparrow asked him whether he had had enough now. ’Yes,’ said he; ’and now let us take a walk a little way out of the town.’ So they both went out upon the high road; but as the weather was warm, they had not gone far before the dog said, ’I am very much tired–I should like to take a nap.’ ’Very well,’ answered the sparrow, ’do so, and in the meantime I will perch upon that bush.’ So the dog stretched himself out on the road, and fell fast asleep. Whilst he slept, there came by a carter with a cart drawn by three horses, and loaded with two casks of wine. The sparrow, seeing that the carter did not turn out of the way, but would go on in the track in which the dog lay, so as to drive over him, called out, ’Stop! stop! Mr Carter, or it shall be the worse for you.’ But the carter, grumbling to himself, ’You make it the worse for me, indeed! what can you do?’ cracked his whip, and drove his cart over the poor dog, so that the wheels crushed him to death. ’There,’ cried the sparrow, ’thou cruel villain, thou hast killed my friend the dog. Now mind what I say. This deed of thine shall cost thee all thou art worth.’ ’Do your worst, and welcome,’ said the brute, ’what harm can you do me?’ and passed on. But the sparrow crept under the tilt of the cart, and pecked at the bung of one of the casks till she loosened it; and than all the wine ran out, without the carter seeing it. At last he looked round, and saw that the cart was dripping, and the cask quite empty. ’What an unlucky wretch I am!’ cried he. ’Not wretch enough yet!’ said the sparrow, as she alighted upon the head of one of the horses, and pecked at him till he reared up and kicked. When the carter saw this, he drew out his hatchet and aimed a blow at the sparrow, meaning to kill her; but she flew away, and the blow fell upon the poor horse’s head with such force, that he fell down dead. ’Unlucky wretch that I am!’ cried he. ’Not wretch enough yet!’ said the sparrow. And as the carter went on with the other two horses, she again crept under the tilt of the cart, and pecked out the bung of the second cask, so that all the wine ran out. When the carter saw this, he again cried out, ’Miserable wretch that I am!’ But the sparrow answered, ’Not wretch enough yet!’ and perched on the head of the second horse, and pecked at him too. The carter ran up and struck at her again with his hatchet; but away she flew, and the blow fell upon the second horse and killed him on the spot. ’Unlucky wretch that I am!’ said he. ’Not wretch enough yet!’ said the sparrow; and perching upon the third horse, she began to peck him too. The carter was mad with fury; and without looking about him, or caring what he was about, struck again at the sparrow; but killed his third horse as he done the other two. ’Alas! miserable wretch that I am!’ cried he. ’Not wretch enough yet!’ answered the sparrow as she flew away; ’now will I plague and punish thee at thy own house.’ The carter was forced at last to leave his cart behind him, and to go home overflowing with rage and vexation. ’Alas!’ said he to his wife, ’what ill luck has befallen me! –my wine is all spilt, and my horses all three dead.’ ’Alas! husband,’ replied she, ’and a wicked bird has come into the house, and has brought with her all the birds in the world, I am sure, and they have fallen upon our corn in the loft, and are eating it up at such a rate!’ Away ran the husband upstairs, and saw thousands of birds sitting upon the floor eating up his corn, with the sparrow in the midst of them. ’Unlucky wretch that I am!’ cried the carter; for he saw that the corn was almost all gone. ’Not wretch enough yet!’ said the sparrow; ’thy cruelty shall cost thee they life yet!’ and away she flew.

The carter seeing that he had thus lost all that he had, went down into his kitchen; and was still not sorry for what he had done, but sat himself angrily and sulkily in the chimney corner. But the sparrow sat on the outside of the window, and cried ’Carter! thy cruelty shall cost thee thy life!’ With that he jumped up in a rage, seized his hatchet, and threw it at the sparrow; but it missed her, and only broke the window. The sparrow now hopped in, perched upon the window- seat, and cried, ’Carter! it shall cost thee thy life!’ Then he became mad and blind with rage, and struck the window-seat with such force that he cleft it in two: and as the sparrow flew from place to place, the carter and his wife were so furious, that they broke all their furniture, glasses, chairs, benches, the table, and at last the walls, without touching the bird at all. In the end, however, they caught her: and the wife said, ’Shall I kill her at once?’ ’No,’ cried he, ’that is letting her off too easily: she shall die a much more cruel death; I will eat her.’ But the sparrow began to flutter about, and stretch out her neck and cried, ’Carter! it shall cost thee thy life yet!’ With that he could wait no longer: so he gave his wife the hatchet, and cried, ’Wife, strike at the bird and kill her in my hand.’ And the wife struck; but she missed her aim, and hit her husband on the head so that he fell down dead, and the sparrow flew quietly home to her nest.

Now as Lord of the Wyld I take ownership of all the kindly creatures, and for one so small to undertake such a task as to see balance restored… while I have promised to grant a gift, each time I should meet the Sparrow, and so I ask you again little bird… what shall my gift be?

To Be Concluded

[ČT1 News] President Klaus shot at, lightly wounded.

Chrastava (Liberec) – A shot was fired at president Vaclav Klaus today from a plastic pistol, during the opening ceremony of the new bridge in Chrastav, Liberec.

The president was not seriously wounded, but was nevertheless transported to the central military hospital in Prague. The doctor that examined him has said “He [Klaus] was treated for a slight wound on the arm.”

Safety experts claim that the security detachment of the head of state failed. The Chief of Police Martin Červíček plans to conduct a full investigation. “I immediately ordered a full evaluation of the process in securing the presidents safety, I consider an incident such as this extremely important.”

The attack took place shortly before the third hour of noon, in the street of Spojovaci. There was at the time, a large crowd in immediate proximity to the president, making an overview of the situation difficult.

“There was about two thousand people at the opening of the bridge. A twenty-six year old man pushed his way through the crowd, and shot the president with a plastic pellet from an airsoft pistol.” Said the Liberec police spokesperson Vlasta Suchánková.

Acording to the spokesperson, the man fired from a distance of about two to three meters. Video footage of the incident however shows that the attacker wearing camo fatigues, was in immediate proximity with Klaus, and fired up to seven times.

After firing, the man tried to fell, but did not get far before he was aprehanded by police and taken away. He has since spoken to reporters and claims “[Politicians] are blind and deaf to the cries of the population. I felt this was the only way to display unhapiness and be heard. Some may claim it’s extremism, I do not believe so. This government allowed a third of the nation to go hungry.” He labeled himself a communist.

The man is currently being interogated by the police, who expect know the legal weight of his act on Monday.

“I was standing beside the president, when I saw a man place a pistol to his side, and press the trigger a couple of times. I heard a couple of clicks. At first I did not even know what was going on.” Says the mayor of Chrastov, Michael Canov.

“The pistol and its ammo was detected as a low calibre airsoft pistol. It is not a weapon capable of doing any damage more serious then a heavy bruise, and the intent to kill was obviously not there, else the demonstrator would have brought a real weapon. There was no reason to intercede on my part, and the culprit was easily handled by our police force. Had there been any real threat to the president or members of the public, I would have stepped in and dealt with it before it could be realized. I have seen childish pranks that posed more danger then todays event.” Stated LEGION, who had also been present during the ceremony.

Klaus did not leave the scene immediately after the shooting, and continued to interact with the local people before being forced away by his security detail.

Misha read the news in the paper, then crumpled it up and tossed it at the wastebasket. It bounced of the wall and rolled under the cupboard. “Damnit” he thought. Quick thinking had offered an semi-acceptable cover-up for the missed weapon, really he should have been more attentive. But Nadezdas letter and quick disapereance bugged him. It really wasn’t like her to do that. She was always the reliable one that had everything planned and scheaduled well ahead of time.

Choices of God and Men (Part 1)

Nadezda got out of bed and soundlessly made her way to the washroom. Leaning over the sink she ran the water and washed the cold sweat from her face. She continued for several moments pooling the water in her hands and then splashing her face, allowing the water to drip back into the stainless steel sink. Slowly she looked up catching sight of herself in the mirror.

“Is this who I am, is this who I have become?” she asked herself, staring down the stranger that looked back her. Four years ago she would never have considered what she was about to do. Since becoming Torricelli’s Trumpet two years ago she would not have questioned the ethics on the other end. But now, things were difficult, her world had expanded since she had begun on the LEGION Project and her faith was being challenged. Were her orders from God or just a man? She shook her head hoping to dislodge unpleasant thoughts, and looked over to the bed where Misha still lay sleeping soundly, trustingly… she smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes, quickly she scrawled a note and left it beside his laptop. Nodding once more to her sleeping friend, she departed.

I’m so sorry, forgive me please

Misha looked at the note puzzled by it, quickly his heart began to beat faster, where was she? Why was she sorry? What was going on?

Up Up and Away!

Duncan walked hurriedly through the halls of the university. Duncan had spent mere seconds trying to convince himself none of the previous evening had happened before completely giving up. As Duncan had tried to answer the door, he had realized he was naked, and then suddenly became clothed. The mere thought had made him clothed again. Duncan barely said hi to his friend at the door before pushing past him to try and get back to the lab.

Duncan had gotten to the lab, found his books, laptop, last night’s clothes, and the artefacts still strew about his desk. Duncan packed everything up while getting a scathing lecture from the professor who had found the lab in disarray and had been fuming about it all morning. Duncan knew that he wasn’t likely to get lab privileges again for a long time, and would probably also be sitting in the dean of classics department’s office before the end of the day. Duncan had put that out of his mind, packed everything up as fast as possible and had left for Professor Filpots’ office.

Duncan rounded a corner to a deserted hallway with Filpots’ office at the end, knocked on the door and didn’t bother to wait for a response before bursting into the large corner study. Professor Filpots’ gaze snapped quickly away from a TV playing the national news in the background, obviously annoyed at the sudden intrusion, about to rebuke the rudeness. Instead Filpots sat back and waited patiently for his best student to explain himself. Duncan unslung his backpack from his shoulder onto a couch aside Filpots’ desk, sat in the chair directly opposite his mentor, closed his eyes and began explaining everything that had happened to him over the past 12 hours.

Filpots sat in complete silence until Duncan was finished. The look on FIlpots’ face told Duncan that he clearly believed Duncan had just been working too hard.

“My boy…” Filpots began and then stopped immediately. Duncan sat waiting for the gentle rebuke he knew was coming from his mentor, but instead Filpots’ face seemed to be frozen in time, staring over Duncan’s left shoulder.

“Professor?” Duncan looked over his left shoulder at the TV playing in the background and saw it. The beast from his vision.

“Disturbing images today from Canadian news networks. According to multiple Canadian news sites this creature was first spotted twenty kilometers west of the town of Altona, Manitoba; about one hundred and thirty kilometers south-west of Winnipeg. Thus far, local authorities have been unable to stop or even slow the creature, but Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has authorized the military to engage. Unless the creature alters its path it will rampage right through the middle of Winnipeg.”

Duncan sat stunned for a moment, as if watching a nightmare come to life. “Professor, that’s it… that’s the thing…”

“My apologies my son…” Filpots began in an almost whisper, “… it appears as though there may be something to what you were saying.” Duncan turned around to face Filpots; his entire body tingling as his nerves went haywire. Reality felt like it was threatening to come down on Duncan where he stood. Yet everything stayed as it was. “Duncan, are you…”

“I’m fine professor.” Duncan cut in.

“Duncan, you aren’t breathing.” Filpots’ face started to fill with concern, as he slowly stood from his heavy leather chair.

“I know Professor. I think it’s okay though.” Duncan took a very long pause. “I think I have to go.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“Professor, it’s like the Watcher said, I cannot doubt myself. I don’t know what to do, but I have to do something.”

“Is this the ‘opposite force’ that your Watcher told you about?” Filpots slowly moved around the desk, closer to Duncan.

“I… don’t know. Maybe? All I know is I should be there, now!” Duncan stood abruptly, causing Filpots to flinch back. “Thank you for everything professor. I’ll get in touch as soon as I can.” With that Duncan turned, opened the office door and left Filpots standing staring in disbelief.

Duncan strode down the halls without the jacket or pack he had taken into the office. It suddenly occurred to Duncan that he may not want everyone to see him leave. Duncan changed direction and started heading to the most deserted area of the campus, heading through old halls, past statues and musty classrooms, until Duncan finally found the exit he was looking for, pushed through the doors, glanced around, and took off.

Before Duncan even knew what he was thinking, he was already in the air, in a pose he had seen fictional characters take so many times while they flew. Duncan’s clothes were gone, left behind on the ground, his body once again veiled in the red, black and white costume from his meeting with the Watcher. Duncan let the air flow over him as he gained more and more speed. The freedom of the situation took over as Duncan felt more free than he had ever felt before, and the feeling only grew. It seemed with the faster he flew, the stronger he felt and the more free he was feeling. Duncan wasn’t sure how he got to this point or why it was him who was granted the power, but he knew that the power and all the responsibility of it, were his.


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