Falling Skies (part 2 of 3)

The Comsic DartCosimc Dart looked up, it was painful to watch, the seconds seemed to tick away like hours as she soared through Bellville. After each rescue she looked up to see Castellans progress, but it rarely appeared as if he or the comet had moved at all. The tension ate at her nerves as she began to kick into high gear. Most people assumed that just because she could move fast it meant she could move others fast… this wasn’t always the case. If you grabbed someone when they were standing still and you were moving at Mach three, well there were broken bones and whip lash and so many problems. This meant she had to stop each time grab them and accelerate with them, it was jarring and slowed down her progress.

She estimated that she would need about an hour to evacuate the entire waterfront, maybe another five to get the city proper completely clear. By the looks of things she had maybe 3 minutes. She glanced up again as saw Castellans wind up for his punch, she had to admit it, he was kind of cute, in a way to stuffy Brit kind of way.


She saw it first, the sonic boom from the impact, it raced towards the downtown area…. Quickly she abandoned her original plan, now it was all about shielding the folks from the blast. The ground began to blur as she raced through the streets grabbing people and placing them in shelter then moving on.


She had been knocked over by blast; quickly she hopped to her feet. Her eyes raced to the sky to see what had happened. , another second ticked by in slow motion as debris slowly cleared from the air.

The meteor had changed course!

“Cheers to you Castle…” she said to herself, then she spotted him, falling. Quickly she raced forward trying to do the math in her head. He was around six foot, maybe two hundred and fifty pounds falling at terminal velocity. She was five-nine maybe one thirty; traveling at three times the speed of sound… maybe math wasn’t her friend here.

She lowered her head and ran faster, trees began to bend behind her, cars began to slide in her wind tunnel. She looped the city and doubled her speed, she could hear the words of Bill in her head coining the phrase ‘dangerously fast’ still she picked up speed and lined up her course. The hero plummeted from the sky, and moments before he struck concrete she passed beneath him, like many other things his body was pulled into her wind tunnel and followed her as she ran out onto the lake. Running on water was tricky, but this move would be trickier still. She quickly cut a sharp circle looping in on herself and grabbed Castellan… he was heavier then she’d thought… again she focused on her speed and ran harder; without the momentum she doubted she’d be able to lift him. She could feel herself beginning to sink as she ran faster and faster still, eventually making it to the shore and coming to a stop.


They were fast, but she was faster and she managed to smile before the press got their pictures. Carefully she managed to lower her companion to the ground; he was beginning to stir as the press started to swarm. She worked hard to smile as she tried to catch her breath, she refused to show it but that had taken almost everything she had, perhaps a little bit more.

“Cosmic Dart, Cosmic Dart! We have Questions!”


She spun around, and was vaguely aware of Castellan ‘floating to his feet’ beside her. The meteor had struck somewhere on the lake… the tidal wave would not be far behind. She looked to Castellan

“Are you up for this?” she asked him, he looked rough

“Does it matter if I am or not?” he replied as he began to fly towards the impact site

“Guess not” she said more to herself then him, taking one last deep shuddering breath she took off across the water after him.

They had to stop this wave

Outbacked (part 3)

Sparrow held her breath carefully, tried to calm herself and steady her hands, sweat dripped down her brow and threatened to sting her eyes, still she did not move. Two days, two long arduous days, that was how long it had been since she had ate anything of substance, two miserable long days, already she could feel her strength sapping from her. She would not screw this opportunity up. The bow began to twitch under the strain of her pull, as the strength in her arms flagged; carefully she steeled her will and forced the movement to stop. Bennelong had insisted she learn the bow; her attempts with the boomerang had been disastrous, and she didn’t have the strength for the spear, and so she had begun to practice, things had been goings alright too, that is until Bennelong had decided it was time she fed herself, that had been four days ago.

Two days in she had stumbled across a berry bush and had gorged herself; she stifled a shudder remembering the stomach ache that had followed, but here was her real chance. In the slow moving river she could see a catfish, sluggishly the creature seemed to be slowly swallowing a snake that was putting up a better fight then the fish had counted on, she just needed to make this shot with the bow and she would have fish for dinner. Again she took another breath and waited for the moment to be right, then released, immediately she felt joy as sweet relief flooded into her arms, but as she looked up her smiled doubled. Their splashing about was a speared fish! She dropped her bow and grabbed the line the arrow had been attached to, she would eat tonight, no scratch that, she would feast. Her wings spread in triumph as she pulled in her prey, things were looking up.

Falling Skies (Part 1)


The sky appeared to thunders as the giant asteroid hurtled itself towards the earth. Castellan looked back down at the city below, even with his enhanced vision all he could make out was a red blur as the Cosmic Dart methodically raced door to door, building to building evacuating water front and eventually the city. She was fast, faster than anything he’d ever seen before, bit even she would not be able to get everyone clear in time, he had to divert the asteroid or at least slow it long enough for the Cosmic Dart to finish her work. He took a deep breath and began speeding upwards once more. He wound up his are preparing to let forth a mighty punch as he approached the giant burning house of an asteroid.


And we’re back on FOX NEWS as we watch with baited breath as The President gives final clearance for the missile launch. For those of you just joining us we a moments away from seeing a finish to what has been a very stressful week and a half. It has been confirmed that a giant asteroid is hurtling towards the earth and is expect to crash into NEW YORK CITY. The President in consult with the armed forces and NASA have devised a plan to create this 12 kiloton missile and destroy the asteroid. Please join us in our countdown
10……9…..8…..7…..6…..5…..4…..3…..2…..1…. BLAST OFF!


This is CBC NEWS. Latest calculations show that the American Missile project that was to destroy the asteroid has only redirected it, projections from top scientist now estimate that the Asteroid will now strike Bellville Ontario, or the nearby area. Officials have currently called an evacuation of the city while the Prime Minister’s Office discusses options.

When questioned the American President stated the following “We are deeply relieved that the good people of New York will be safe from this travesty and that we shall not suffer any loss of life, our hopes and prayers are now with our Northern Neighbors that they will be able to overcome this barrier and endure as their nation always has.


This is CBC NEWS. We have just confirmed that the Prime Minister and senior military officials have met with the hero known as Castellan. As yet we are not sure who initiated this meeting, or what exactly was agreed to, we are told the Prime Minister will address the country in one hour.


“My Fellow Canadians, in this, our time of crisis I reach out with a message of hope, a message letting you know that Canada will not abandon anyone. As we speak our greatest Hero’s; our firefighters and valiant police officers are working tirelessly to evacuate the City of Bellville. I have also spoken with and enlisted the aid of the Hero known as Castellan, he has agreed to meet the asteroid as it enters our atmosphere and attempt to destroy it. Castellan, the hearts and prayers of every Canadian are with you, please go with the best of luck."


This is a CBC Special Report! This Just in, Castellan did impact the asteroid as it entered orbit but ricocheted off, as of yet the whereabouts and status of the Hero are unknown, we are warning all people of Bellville to continue to evacuate as quickly as possible.


CBC NEWS 1. This just in, Castellan has been spotted in Vancouver, he is said to have entered PINK PUBLISHING and meeting with the acclaimed western Hero Desiree Pinkerton, AKA the COSIMIC DART. Witnesses report the Hero looking dirty and bruised when he entered the building… I am being told that the COSIMIC DART is making a statement lets listen in.

“Canada, Castellan and I have agreed to work together to try and help as many people in Bellville as Possible, please be aware that I will be evacuating people, starting from the waterfront and working my way out, please leave your doors unlocked and do not resist if you feel yourself being moved… thank you all!”

You saw it here first folks it looks like Castellan and the Cosmic Dart are going to work together to evacuate the city of Bellville.


The sky appeared to thunders as the giant asteroid hurtled itself towards the earth. Castellan looked back down at the city below, even with his enhanced vision all he could make out was a red blur as the Cosmic Dart methodically raced door to door, building to building evacuating water front and eventually the city. She was fast, faster than anything he’d ever seen before, bit even she would not be able to get everyone clear in time, he had to divert the asteroid or at least slow it long enough for the Cosmic Dart to finish her work. He took a deep breath and began speeding upwards once more. He wound up his are preparing to let forth a mighty punch as he approached the giant burning house of an asteroid.


The Deal

Date: Time means little where this is happening.

Rarely would the powers so gathered at the Stone Table, be found together. Only at the turns of seasons, or during a Wild Hunt would be called, but never in all the history of the Fair Realms, had Summer, Winter and Wild.

The Winter Queen who’s very voice and ire could freeze beings in their tracks, was Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness.

The Queen of Summer who’s wrath could burn to the soul, was Tatiana, Queen of Fire and Light.
The last individual was the Lord of the Wild Hunt, King of the Goblins, Erl King of the Wild, the one sometimes known as Oberon, King of Faire.

In a voice would chill ones spine Mab spoke, “I am assuming that that it was you who called this meeting Erl King, as the Table and Time is yours at present. Speak for I have no wish to be here longer than necessary” ,As she glared at Tatiana. “It is too warm”

“Lord of the Hunt, I must reluctantly concur with my opposite” Tatiana spoke with more regal feeling than any mortal queen could muster. “Distasteful as it is.”

“First before anything, as tradition and Law demands,” Glaring at both the queens for their breaks in curtsey and Law, he placed is hand over the table and held it their until the queens followed suit reluctantly.
In one voice the spoke, “Let the blood that is now shed, be the only, until this council be done”.

As they spoke, the Queen’s looked in shock at each other. They were hearing an additional voice, ad seeing an additional pool of blood on the Table.

This additional voice spoke with power, an incredible sense of age, and it felt as it was coming from everywhere, particularly from the shadows that seemed to be growing by the second.

As the Oath was given, it seemed as if layers of sight where being peeled back, and from the empty space at the Table a robed and hooded being came into sight. It seemed, as he stepped into being, that stars, planets, and vast empty space were both behind and with him. Large black birds, similar to ravens, perched on one shoulder and one on the staff that he carried.

His voice seemed to whisper from his hood, “Greetings fellow monarchs”. The others at the table could feel the smile on this individuals face, thought they could not directly see it.

“The one human to ever claim a royal seat in the Fair Realms, “ Said Mab

“He who has fought both light and dark in honorable combat, and won, “ Said Tatiana.

“The only one I have ever hunted to beat me at my own sport” said Oberon.

In on voice they proclaimed, “John Uskglass,” they bowed their heads in mutual respect to this one human.

“ I thank you for your kind words, and as you may have now surmised, it was I who called this historic gathering.” Uskglass responded. “I have a proposition for this gathering.”

“The Council of the Fair Realms will hear your proposition, brother.” Replied Oberon.
John Uskglass held out his hand and a flame of black, red and purple, coalesced into existence above the Stone Table. From it emerged a picture of a small human child of around three years of age. “This chid must be protected. I seek the protection of the Fair Realms for her.”
Tatiana spoke, “While it is not uncommon for mortals to seek our protection for their children, they only have ever sought out one of our Aspects. Summer” waving to herself “Winter, or Wild” she said gesturing to her opposites.
With a wintery word, Mab asked “Why would we as an entire Realm provide protection to one small human child?”

Waving his hand once more above the table, a small amount of blood appeared, suspended in the air. “Delve this blood, and tell me what you find, great leaders.”

All three of the Great Leaders of the Fair Realms held their hands before them, and concentrated on the blood before them. They spoke words of power that would allow them the understanding of everything that this blood would allow. As they delved deeper and deeper, they found surprising revelations.

With glowing eyes, and the voice of the Fair Realms themselves they responded. “_From Blood to Blood, The Father Seeks Protection. From those that Seek to do her Harm. The Mother’s Magic Run Through her Strongest, the Father’s Shadow, Time, Space, and First Magic’s are there as well. The Child is also of Summer, Winter, and Wild, from the First Kingdom. She is the Blood. She is to be Protected._”

As the trance of the Old First Magic’s subsided they looked at their fourth member. Oberon spoke first.

“This child is unique, even to us. Though I sense that you did not know she had the Blood of the Sídhe, the First Elves.”

“No, I did not. I knew that through her mother that she had the Gift of Future Sight, she sees the bits of the Future Memories.”

“And did you know that her Father’s Magic comes from the opposite spectrum, from the Past. At no time in history has the Past and the Future been embodied in one individual so strongly.” Mab spoke.

“This I know better than anyone, I know part of the nature of time, how it works, where it goes and comes from, that is part of the reason why I believe that this child needs to be protected so much.” Whispered Uskglass. “I know that you will most likely protect the child, but I believe all deals must have some type of compensation. As you know I control considerable resources in the Mortal Realm. As part compensation I will allow any of the Fair Peoples who reside at those locations to do so, and use the power there, unless I need it. I will also do my best to protect these areas, and those Fair Peoples that decide to work for me I will protect as my own. For those that do not, I will protect them as best as I am able. At the same time I will also do what I can to further your various interests so long as they do not conflict with mine.

“You come asking for wholes but in return only offer us halves, you speak as a mortal, and yet address those beyond the reach of time, you will have to do much better if we are to proceed” Winter spoke chilling the room.

“I disagree, she is a budding flower, in need our protection, she is as kin and will be granted the same rights, I offer her refuge in the Summer Lands.” Summer responded addressing the mortal as she spoke

Uskglass scratched his chin as he pondered, “it is vital that the child continue to walk the mortal realm, though I thank you for your kind offer… Her highness is not without point though, what is it you propose Winter Queen?”

the smile was barley hidden “The half protections and partial refuge are a fine start, but for a lifetime of protection I require a service, for each year of three the child survives each of us will receive a boon, the gift of mortal magic has not been forgotten in the darkness of winter, the boon will be paid before the next year of three has arrived, else the deal, and the child are forfeit to us”

Uskglass worked hard to maintain his composer as Oberon spoke “are such consequences really necessary, the Raven King has never betrayed us, and has long been a friend to the Fae realms, why must a threat hang so heavy over his head?”

“your friendship betrays you Lord of the Hunt,” the Queens of Summers began “You have not forgotten the laws of your own? a price must be paid, a cost must be known, if we are betrayed our might will be shown” she let the ancient saying hang in the air, Oberon nodded his head in submission, he would not violate the traditions of old.

Uskglass looked about the three once more weighing his options, finally he nodded “your deal is fair, and it is on me to assure the consequences are not brought into affect, we have a deal”

“fair” replied the Winter Queen as she disappeared in a gust of ice and snow

“Fair” replied the Summer Lady as she shimmered into a haze of heat

When Oberon and Uskglass were alone, the King of the Wild spoke, “We know something of the mothers lineage, because she belonged to us, but who my old friend was her father, and what was his lineage?”

John Uskglass, looked at one of his oldest friends and simply stared. “Understand only that I will do EVERYTHING, in my very considerable power to protect her.”

Oberon smiled and spoke with the power of the Wild, “Riddles? from he who hates them so much? I am intrigued Lord of Shadow, and I will watch this one very carefully, Know, Fellow King, that the Little People, The Goblins, and all of the Wild will protect the child. The Hunt will look for those that would do her harm, and the Goblins will show her enemies the meaning of their well earned reputation”

Uskglass looked and simply said “Thank you”, he turned to leave and the birds with him took flight. As the mass of feathers fell to the ground it was apparent that John Uskglass was no longer there.

Oberon nodded to the empty spot at the Table where Uskglass had been, “Hail and farewell my friend, we shall Hunt again, Hail King of Ravens, and know that a deal has been forged on this day.”

St.Vaclav Memo

Memo to all our employees: The cafeteria is for the foreseeable future serving whale steaks.

Incident Report #152
Location: St.Vaclav LEGION Facility

Date: 13-03-2009

Concluding the end of basic underwater environment testing, LEGION has been authorized to aid TITAN Salvage teams in retrieval of cargo containers from a WW2 freighter sank en-route between America and Britain. Operations where proceeding as expected, and 3 of the 5 discovered containers where successfully loaded onto the freighter for transport. At 1400 hours, a pod of humpback whales was detected in the vicinity. After consideration it was decided that the whales would not be endangered by continued operations.

At 1428, as rising cables where being attached to container #4, erratic behaviour was noticed among members of the pod. One individual dove to the wreckage location and became aggressive upon proximity with LEGION, attempting to crush LEGION against the sea floor.

At 1440, LEGION initiated an emergency jump back to the St.Vaclav facility after structural failure caused by the whales battering. Teleportation systems functioned, but expected parameters failed when material within the immediate area of LEGION was brought along. Repairs to LEGION are on hold while the maintenance bay is drained of seawater and mud.

Finishing School (Part 3)

Taryn wiped the tears from her eyes, she could lie and say that is was the smoke causing them, but she doubted Eric would believe her. He lay on the ground bleeding heavily, his and Inza’s blood covered most the room. Poor Inza, she hadn’t made a sound for so long, Taryn had never heard her speak, until the very end with her anguished scream.

Something popped downstairs as the fires raged on throughout the 24th Nome, Eric reached up and took her hand.

“Taryn…” he sputtered “this isn’t your fault…” he burst into a coughing fit has blood dribbled out of his lips “but we must fix this, we must lock down the Nome… we cannot let him escape” Taryn looked about wild eyed, her leg had been injured but for the most part she had avoided the creatures wrath, how was she going to lock down the Nome.

“Eric, I don’t know… I’m not sure… I can’t”

“YOU WILL” he said, and in that instant his voice was clear and strong, it commanded respect and immediate obedience, in that moment he was once again the Arch Magus. “Taryn, in a moment I am going to do something; I will forge a link between us, one that will forever more be permanent, once this is done you will use my power to seal the 24th Nome and deny any magic from entering or exiting this place, do you understand?” she nodded, she took a deep breath and readied herself for what was to come.

Eric closed his eyes, it seemed as if he’d stopped breathing, and then there was but a single shutter and gasp, he looked smaller, as if some of him had melted into nothing, worried she reached out for him and touched chest, it was then she felt a spark, like a static shock that jumped inside her. She felt a confidence and comfort that had never been there before, she felt as if deep within there was a well of infinite knowledge and it was hers to drink from whenever she wished. She also felt Eric.

“Taryn,” she heard the voice, yet Eric didn’t move, he was somehow inside her “Taryn I have given you my power, and my control over the NOME, you must seal it off” she stood up preparing to follow his instructions, but hesitated

“with your power I could save you and Inza, and we could stop the creature together…”

“NO!” his voice boomed within her, causing her very soul to hum like a picked harp string “Inza is gone, and we must never use the Craft to raise the dead, it is the very darkest practice, and the cost is far to high for all involved… seal the NOME” she nodded but again hesitated…

“I can still save you!” and she began to focus, she could hear him inside of her head, telling her not to, but it was as if she had control of his volume, and although she could not silence him completely she could quiet him enough to concentrate… carefully she looked at his wounds and imagined them healing over time, instinctively the well provided her with the words need as she began muttering her spell. Quickly his wounds closed and his chest began to move up and down again. Satisfied that he would survive she once again turned her attention back to his voice.

“You should not have done that…”

“It’s been done… what’s next”

“you must go outside, and seal the Ley Lines” she nodded and hurried down the stairs, the fire was hot and the smoke thick, but with a though she managed to erect a shield for herself and safely leave the NOME. Again she managed to reach into the well, this time it was harder, as if the water had a thin barrier over it, still with both minds working together they managed to push through and pull forth the spells she needed. The magic was exhausting, never before had she heard of someone diverting a Ley Line. Never before had Eric tried such an act, but somehow the two succeeded; the magic quickly began to flow around the Nome instead of through it. It formed a barrier, and too late Taryn realized what had happened.

“Your still in there!” she raced forward but the magic became a physical barrier and stopped her in her tracks

“yes” Eric said sadly, “nothing can come in our out, the creature and I remain in here forever”

“No!” she cried… “This isn’t right! There must be another way!


Outbacked (part 2)

Lauren carefully sat down bowing her respect to Wannerack and the other elders. They sat around a very smoky fire in silence. She had learned from her few months with the Eroa that it was incredibly rude to speak to the elders first and so patiently waited for them to address her.

“Sparrow” Wannerack began, she hated that name… on her third day with the Eroa Wannerack had sat down with her; it had only taken him a minute to determine her spirit name… Sparrow… not hawk or falcon or eagle or anything like that, no she was a Sparrow… just peachy. “Sparrow, it has been decided that you are not to travel with us any longer…”

“What?” fuck etiquette “Why? Cause I was slow getting up? I’m sorry… he broke my ribs!” she pointed at Bennelong the elders continued to stare at her without reacting, no one spoke until she lowered her hand and stopped, they would not interrupt her even though she had done it to them… she hated them for it.

Wannerack continued “you are at war with yourself, there is anger and hate there, and it is poisonous to the community… you must cure your anger and know yourself Sparrow before this can become your home” he finished and nodded to her offering a chance to speak. She shook her head, if she spoke now she might cry, and she didn’t want to cry here, the Eroa had accepted her, and even though she wasn’t comfortable here it was better than anywhere else. “Do not worry young Sparrow, we do not send you into the world alone, we are not so callous. Bennelong has agreed to act as your guide, you will take him across the great expanse and allow yourself to remember what your people have chosen to forget, he will show you Uluru, there you will find yourself, and confront what has been laid before you, that is the beginning” many of the elders nodded to these words as if they were wise, Lauren Lauren Boulangerwasn’t sure if she understood half of what he’d said, Uluru ? What was that? And how would she confront herself… she was angry and scared, but instead of yelling or arguing she bowed her head having learned that it was pointless to argue once the elders had come to agreement.

“when must I leave?” she asked, Wannerack smiled in response,

“This is your quest Sparrow, not mine, you may travel as fast or as slow as you wish, you may go or not go as you are suited, we shall leave you though with the sunset”

She nodded again and slowly left the circle, she had a few goodbyes to make before being banished from the Eroa

Outbacked (part 1)

Lauren took a deep breath and winced, breathing still hurt, she gritted her teeth and tried to push past the pain and slowly sat up. The door to her tent fluttered in the breeze and instinctively she knew it was well past dawn. The Eroa would be eager to go and frustrated with her, if it weren’t for Bennelong they would likely have left without her. She stood and opened the tent flap to let the warm breeze fill her tent. Lake Eucumbene lay before her, gently lapping at the sandy beaches. They had been here for three days now, and the nomadic Eroa wanted to be out of the heat and on their way towards the Southern Alps. She stretched and the sharp pain returned, quickly she found herself sitting on floor once more… how would she hike another 25k today? Again she grit her teeth and rose to her feet as she searched for something to wear, clothing had become a bit of an issue. The Eroa didn’t wear a lot in the first place which tended to provide a few problems for her as she attempted to find materials to use. Add the wings and it is easy to see why finding a functional top was problematic. She rummaged through her things and finally found a clean(ish) top that was still in serviceable condition. It took her almost fifteen minutes to carefully thread it over her wings and on the while wile suffering from near debilitating pain. Another wonderful perk of her “gift” hollow bones, makes flight possible, the weight of 63lbs was amazing, but having bones that break and snap like twigs quickly becomes a nuisance, this was her tenth broken bone this year, and since she started her sparing lessons with Wanegal, the problem had become significantly more prevalent.

Finally, an hour after waking up she emerged from her tent, it was nearing noon and now the people had settled in again, they would not travel in the hot sun, they would wait till the cooler evening to travel again. There were many dark looks shot her way as she passed through the camp. She gave her best apologetic nods, they seemed to do little, she sighed and continued forward. Just about a year ago now is when this had all started, she had been well on her way to completing her rec diploma had been worrying about real things like loans, and jobs, and exams, but that little old lady had to give her the “gift” and now where was she? Stuck in the Australian outback learning to flight and fight and worrying about crocodiles and giant snakes, ya life was just peachy. She slowed as she approached the Elder Fire, Bennelong and a few of the other elders were sitting, likely waiting for her to come apologise. She took another stiff breath and waiting until the pain in her side receded, then walked forward to meet with the Eroa Elders.

Finishing School (Part 2)

Taryn sighed hanging up the phone; she had been at the Twenty Fourth Nome for over three months now, and she was beginning to get homesick. Add to that the fact that she had just had to tell her fiancé that she wouldn’t be able to be home for Christmas and you could imagine how down she was. Why did every holiday also have to be a day of power? She shifted in the big plush chair and sighed again. Her bedroom had no bed… she had managed to make a decent size room, with a desk and computer, a comfy chair in a little reading nook, a clear space for meditation and for practicing the craft, even a small window to look outside to. But somehow it had slipped her mind that she would need a bed in her bedroom and was now stuck trying to sleep either on the floor or in her comfy chair, neither option was particularly good, and this she had learned her second great lesson in magic, “there are no second chances, but there are always consequences”

She took a deep breath and began to do her stretches, as if begin homesick wasn’t bad enough, Connery kept sending her “homework” and none of it was fun, particular diets and exercise routines, regulation books to study, weapons familiarity training, it was intensive and left her very little time to herself. She began her stretches and put her mind forward thinking of this evening; they would be practicing the spell again, on the solstice she and Eric would be attempting a very powerful spell, and Eric wanted to assure she knew her part perfectly. Apparently there was a potent demon who tended to cause problems every six decades, and this solstice would mark its return, Eric wasn’t planning on giving it the chance to harm anyone, the moment the demon was freed to the plane their spell would find it and banish it once more… it was very advanced magic, but Eric felt that she was progressing quickly enough to participate.

Slowly she took deep breaths as she channeled the energy in the room and tried to clear her head. It was no use, she was tired, tired of the lack of sleep, tired of lying. William believed she was on a remote dig, and unable to make frequent calls, it was a lame excuse for an absence, it was worse when canceling holidays, but telling him the truth was dangerous for him, and she couldn’t put him at that kind of risk. William Lord William Pemberly the 4th was so caring, he supported her told her that if she needed to go he’d always be there for her, always love her… but?

Eric was strong, he understood the craft, and understood the trails she was going through, understood about MI6 and the Arcane Order, and the way he looked at her, the way his eyes saw her soul and understood, it always made her question if what she felt for William was real. William would never know, let alone understand what she would go through on a daily biases, what the costs were… how could she share her life with a man who couldn’t know her? She had gotten up the nerve once, and only once to ask Eric about it, he hadn’t said much, but his words had unnerved her

“The Craft always has a cost Taryn, in all it’s aspects, you are lying to him, and those lies are a form of magic in and of themselves… what will be the cost of those lies in the long run? And who will pay for them? You? Or perhaps him? Relations with non-practitioners are hard; I’ve never seen it work out for the better”

His words struck chords of truth which terrified her even more, how could she ever think of leaving her sweet caring William? Her everything?

She took another deep breath and continued her exercises, tears or not, she would finish the routine.


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