Misha stepped into the generals office and saluted. Maybe it wasn’t needed since he wasn’t technically military, but hey, it never hurts right?
“Legion is as prepared for the next mission as we can make him. I will be rejoining the EarthGuard, and we will seek out the next event location. Attempts will be on destruction of the craft or the capture of the pilot for interrogation.”
The general just nodded.
“Considering the defensive capabilities of the alien craft, I would request usage of some military equipment to accelerate access into the interior.”
“What sort of equipment?” General Jelinek inquired, typing something on his computer.
“Due to weight restrictions, I believe most equipment would be out of my teleportation carrying capacity. I believe 50 pounds of thermite are nothing to scoff at though, and should be of at least some significant use, unless there’s something more efficient that I am unaware of.”
“Hmm. I’ll see what we can do. Good luck out there.”
“Yes sir!”
Misha turned and practically ran to the launch bay where LEGION was undergoing final inspection.

More Info

Torricelli’s Trumpet and Legion have managed to pool their resources, here is what they have come up with so far.

14 private jets have departed over the last 16 days to Antarctica, all jets have at least one person of wealth and / or influence on board, there is no one corporation or country that is more or less represented, the Catholic Church is not represented.

The Next targets should be Oslo Norway and the Oil Sands of Alberta

Canada has sent Department H and Alpha Flight to Alberta, having all been in St Johns it is questionable how much time they will have in the target area before humming begins, and if evacuation can be undertaken.

Vatican has dispatched Stigmata , Templar, Joan of Arcadia and Torricelli’s Trumpet to Norway. Torricelli fears a major fissure in a tectonic plate if the hole appears and is consistently deeper with the previous ones.

Humming commenced in Japan in the exact same location three hours after last time, humming lasted 3.2 minutes and then stopped killing 12 rescue workers and three boats… it is unknown why the change in pattern

Earth Guard meeting on Caprica with 3 hours before next humming is due to begin.

Rebuilding the Giant

Misha soldered the wires into place, and carefully slid the panel into position. A few seconds and the electric screwdriver and it fit in perfectly, the crevices between the plates barely noticeable. “Siri, please check network connectivity.”
“Network connectivity check… complete. Connection at 100%. Data upload rate 100Mb/s.” Siri responded promptly.
“Excellent. You know, I’m so glad you are here. I’d have a hell of a hard time getting a handle on this whole thing… Engineering, physics beyond what even most professionals understand…”
“Of course, that’s one of the reasons you created me.”
“Mmm… Sigh, makes me wish I had been better at keeping notes. I’d love to talk to my… prior self, whoever or wherever he may be.” Misha flipped open the security cover on the newly installed plate cover and pushed on the switch inside. It offered a moment of resistance and then clicked inward. “Hows our connectivity now?”
“Checking…. no network connection found. Do you believe as the others claim, that you come from a different world? Additional research may allow communication or travel to other points on the R axis of spacetime.”
“Good. This should let us keep them out of the system without permanently damaging internal components.” He said, pulling the switch back into its original position. “Maybe… Occam’s razor though. Memory rewriting is a lot simpler and hence likelier to be the case then spontaneous inter-dimensional reality hopping. Though… if it really is the world thing… No, I don’t think I’d want to go back. Assuming that the world theory is true… this world is better. More exciting, more fun. Harder too, but worth it. Though my… previous self, may disagree with the change in location.”
“You knew what you were doing. If the previous version of you is stuck in your old world, it should not be that difficult for you to replicate some of your success there. You may not have the resources you had here, but you already have the skills rather then requiring to retrain in everything again.”
“True I suppose. Regardless of what actually happened, how am I doing on catching up?”
“You are doing well in most subjects of importance, are you certain there’s no memory of this past?”
“No… I don’t think so. I think its mostly muscle memory… neural pathways…”
“Neural pathways are in the end result what gives humans their personality. If they are still intact, then…”
“Whatever happened must have rewritten the part of the brain responsible for memories and personality. I don’t remember anythings, there’s no weird voices in my head… just my own memories, and skills I never remember learning. Its kind of distorting to KNOW how to do something but not remember HOW I know it, or where I learned it.” He picked Siri up and slid out of the cramped cockpit. “Why did I never make Legion bigger? Some elbow room would have been nice.”
“Structural integrity of a larger biped would have been an issue when moving at his speeds required for combat, as well as balance issues on a biped design.”
“Right… and somehow I knew that the moment I asked, but I had to actually ask. This is annoying. Alright, lets go see about the telportation device modifications. We have a bit of time and a whole team of experts, I’d like to get that teleportation disabling modification worked over so it doesn’t crash most of our systems, and hopefully get it installed before our next engagement.”

A moment alone to think

At the next private opportunity, Taryn had reported what happened with the mission to Connery, leaving out the weird dream she had while she was unconscious. She wasn’t entirely sure what was happening there. She had requested additional government and/or military support be provided for the next encounter or at least a few more UK practitioners but she would hopefully have more information after Earthguard’s next meeting. She asked Connery if she should speak with her husband as he might be worried about her with these worldwide threats.

She wanted to try to contact that dream man again but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. Remembering the maps of ley lines, she wondered if she should try at the areas where magic was strongest, or maybe a certain location or situation would need to be present? She would try again, but she didn’t want to be knocked unconscious again to be able to do it.

She needed to try to contact the other Taryn. Was her consciousness still there somewhere or did it go to her old body, or something else entirely? There must be remnants of that consciousness there; things kept coming back to her regarding magic and spy craft. Maybe when she went to sleep, she could try to contact the other Taryn psychically? If she had time she would try while awake as well. She really wanted to get in the locked box. And why was she here in this body? There must be some purpose to it. Was there someone, something who had done this? Was it magic? Tobias Black had radiated such powerful magic, had he done it? She didn’t know if there was magic that was powerful enough to do such a thing. If so why would they all be transferred to this world? What was so special about them?

After making copies of the cell phone video to provide to Mi-6, she uploaded the cell phone video to Caprica Island computer. Maybe they would find out any additional useful information about this threat. She wondered if these alien creatures had been to Earth before. Was there a record of them visiting in the past. Maybe there would be a record of them somewhere. There was something really strange about that sand; she would ask Lauren/Sparrow about it. There must be machines or something else to test the sand. Was the sand even of Earth origin? Was it alien? Or from somewhere else?

They had copies of the crystal as well. Kiki had brought back 1, Bart had 2, Castellan had 3 and she had 6. They should test the crystals. Maybe it could be used for weaponry or something.

She was glad that Tom Tom was alright. She was glad that ley lines were strong at Caprica Island and that there was more magic available to help heal him. She wondered if there was a better way to communicate with him. Was there a way for him to communicate? She would ask Sparrow if she could communicate with him, maybe through magic or psychic communication. She would ask Sparrow what happened when she was on the alien ship. She worried about the psychic powers of these creatures; they needed to work on some kind of protection.

She would try to get some sleep and get to the kitchen for something to eat before the next Earth Guard meeting. She was glad that her friends had all survived the last encounter, she was worried about whether they were prepared enough for the next one.

النبوءة الأولى من الظل

في ليلة رأس السنة الجديدة
جلست في اللفة كنت و
سقطت للنوم.
يا الجارديان، إيثارا للسلامة، لها
حتى والدها في الظل واللهب
الزمان والمكان، قد محاربة تلك
التي تأتي لتعيين مصير البشري.
الحفاظ على الإيمان مع الجذور البرية، والتنفس الشتاء، والقلب الصيف،
ويعرف أن الظل يحمل المسافات في ما بينهما.
الملك يحمل الغراب الطرق ل،
وإذا كنت استمع عن كثب، إلى كلمات الريح،
سوف تسمع على الطريق في الظل
والسير من القدمين،
حشد غفير من الذهاب الى

Chimps in Space








Bart awoke, the jet was still an hour away from Caprica, but the hissing voice plagued his mind whenever he tried to sleep, it was unsettling as were the visions of peaceful chimps being murdered by large lizard like people. He was tired and didn’t seem to have the power to stop the voice, its psychic power was too much.

Bart sat up and looked about, looked for something to eat… he wasn’t sure what to do

Beads and Beads

Lauren and Taryn looked on the bed as Tom Tom made his first noise. They had made it back to Caprica, and only with Taryn’s magic had they managed to awaken the poor little guy. It seemed that the small Fae, Gnome, Whatever he was actually fed off of magic, Taryn had been very careful to feed him just enough to heal him without weakening herself too much, but still she needed to eat and sleep before the next mission.

Lauren looked on wondering what was happening; a month ago she was sitting in her office working on a new colour scheme for a client, now she had wings, sitting in a hospital on a top secret super hero island with a boy friend that literally had a superman complex. It was a lot to take it, she leaned against the wall hands in her pockets staring out the window at red ocean water; the sunsets were beautiful here. Could she get home? Did she want to? It was hard to say, and depending on what minute of each day you asked her the answer would radically change.

Her hand felt an odd shape in her pocket, she scooped them out, maybe twenty or twenty five little crystal beads, each no bigger than a grain or two of sand… THE SAND! She looked carefully, the weight of these crystals was unbelievable, these little grains weighed almost ten or twelve pounds, how was that possible? There was something here, did the island have a lab or something, who studied this kind of stuff? She needed to talk to the others. She checked on Tom Tom once more to assure he was comfortable, then hurried to the command centre.

News 009

In the news

The Nation of Japan sends it personal gratitude to the Earth Guard, Thanking them for their incredible response time and heroics in rescuing over 12,000 people from a Tsunami on Oksana Island.

The United States of America has moved its fleet in the pacific, saying that a Nuclear Missile was launched by China targeting its fleet in the Indian Ocean. China has stated that they had a scheduled test Missile that was not carrying nuclear ordinance and was in no way leaving the Boarder of China. UN officials are trying to intervene between these two nations.

An Earth quake in Sicily has killed thousands with thousands still missing; the Vatican has dispatched its super hero team to aid with the rescue missions.

Travel has become near impossible with a FAA EFA flight ban in numerous countries, apparently a test scenario has failed and locked computers not allowing clearances, many global flights have been canceled

Broken but not Beaten

Misha took a deep breath as he engaged the last teleport, the internal giroscopes were off line, the sea water that had leaked into the pilot pod and circuitry was causing havoc on his systems, and now his radiation gel wouldn’t stop spraying into the cockpit, he was near drowning in the stuff. Siri had led him through 16 jumps, this was the last one to enter the base.


“EJECT” he gurgled through the thick gel

I do not understand the word “Glarjeceb” Sir, please repeat your command, Siri said

“Frack it” he gargled as he reached through the thick near opac jelly and fumbled for the eject, his hand reached around it, and he tugged with all his might, his lungs were burning… the back opened and he spilled out. Quickly the hands of scientists and military personal were digging him out, he got a breath

“thank god,” he sputtered as he looked back into LEGION, jelly was still pouring out… for a moment he wondered how much of that stuff he kept in there, and made a mental note to look into it before the next mission. He took a deep breath and jumped back into Legion fumbling around until he found SIRI and pulled her out. That done he turned to the scientists
“Mark 115, needs a little work” his team didn’t seem happy, he turned and looked, and could see why.

LEGION was missing an arm and sparking violently from several locations, it appeared stress fissures had opened in multiple locations from his teleports and apparently it was still leaking sea water on top of the radiation gel. He knew that all communications were down with the router being destroyed, and was also pretty sure that the internal controls would have major issues after being soaked in the gel, and that wasn’t even getting into the fact that his new anti teleport program had caused major targeting errors once he reversed it, there had to be a bug or two in the code that was causing safety issues, twice on the way back he had nearly teleported into an object, someone would have to scan all three million lines of code to try and find that bug. He shook his head looking at the Mech, it had served him well, and had saved his, and likely his teams life, it was a good Mech.

“Scrap it” he said, it will be quicker and more efficient to start from new, “don’t use any of the parts or programs from this model, I’m gonna want to study those before we implement them. Sergie… what’s the status of our other models?”

The scientist perked up when his name got called “well sir… Mark 116 is still in design phase, three months at the earliest to have it operational. Mark 114 had some minor issues from Cosmo mission, but can be made field ready within 48 hours if you are so inclined. Mark 113 … well we still can’t figure out what exactly went wrong with the whale operation, so… I suppose it could be made ready…” he trailed off in the end. Misha thought hard about it before giving orders… what a strange concept him ordering scientists around

“Get the 114 ready to go, I need it operational in 12 hours, so prioritize from there, after that put every effort into getting 113 field ready… also design phase for 116 is over, get it under construction now… now if you will excuse me… I have to see the General”


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